This issue looks at “Breaking the System” Part 2.


To see the origin of Obama”s strategy to “break the system,” we need to travel

back in time to 1966, when two Marxist professors at Columbia University, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, put forth their long range plan to destroy capitalism in America. Initially, their plan was to bankrupt New York City”s welfare system by flooding it with more people than the system could handle. This would lead to a social and financial crisis that could be exploited to propose the radical changes they had in mind. After the method was perfected locally, it would be implemented nationally.

Their plan was published in the leftist, Communist-supporting magazine, the Nation. The left quickly took to it, calling the idea the “crisis strategy” and the “flood the rolls, bankrupt-the-cities” plan. The plan was

patiently implemented until in 1974 the nation”s number of single-parent households on welfare increased from 4.3 million to 10.8 million in relatively good economic times. New York saw the greatest “success.” By the early 1970s, for every two productive workers, one was on welfare. By 1975 the plan had worked so well that New York City declared bankruptcy, taking down the entire state of New York with it. The Cloward-Piven plan had proven itself. Other left wing groups were taking notice.

One of the essentials of the plan was the establishment of “cadres of aggressive organizers” to create street actions by the poor that would create a “climate of militancy.” This climate would be used to intimidate. Every small Alcohol Quick Tabs – Emergency Flush Detox Tablets can cause a variety of physical symptoms and psychological ramifications. success would be followed by a larger one until the new “social order” became the new accepted norm. If this description brings ACORN to mind, there”s good reason. Founded in the 70s by Wade Rathke, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now spread to over 100 U.S. cities and boasted over 400,000 dues-paying members. Through this organization, a young, relatively unknown lawyer and “reformer” was “groomed” and thrust online casino on the political scene. In the 1980s, he became ACORN”s general counsel. His name- Barack Obama.


If you listened to any of Obama”s speeches to ACORN, you remember how he expressed his solidarity and unwavering support. Their goals were his goals. He openly identified with them, confirming what I”ve written thus far. When the corruption within Generic cialis canadian the organization surfaced, he, as any good politician would, distanced himself from the group. The facts, however, remain. ACORN represents everything that drives Barack Obama. He will do anything to keep the group going. Did you notice how none of the exposed corruption was ever prosecuted? Did you notice how the intimidation tactics by the New Black Panthers were never prosecuted? It”s all swept under the rug until the public forgets about it. Remember the claims that ACORN had been dismantled? It didn”t take long until it reemerged…with a host of different names in localities all across the country. ACORN is alive and well and getting all the help it needs from the Obama administration. In Part 3, we”ll take a closer look at ACORN.



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