This issue looks at the effects of Arab rage on Israel, the ranting of a Muslim Brotherhood leader against Israel, the dependence of the Egyptian Army on the U.S., the South Sudanese vote for Independence, and the Muslim Brotherhood”s deep roots in the U.S.


Arab Rage Hastens Turnover of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: The fires stoked by the revolution in Egypt are spreading across the Arab world-to Bahrain, to Libya, to Yemen and to Jordan. Thousands are taking to the streets demanding a greater voice in government. Yet while many of these people are genuinely interested in freedom, behind the scenes darker forces are at work. Radical Islamists are using the general population and their desire for liberty as a cloak for their dark designs, just as Ayatollah Khomeini did in Iran so many years ago. At the same time, this rise in “Arab rage” has provoked Western powers to accelerate their efforts to appease the Muslim world by forcing Israel to hand over the Holy City of Jerusalem to the Palestinians for the capital of their new state which the United Nations is prepared to unilaterally declare and recognize.

Egypt Turning Against Israel
One Jerusalem reports that today [Feb. 19], 2 million Egyptians marched in celebration of deposing of Mubarak from power. The central figure in this celebration was Yussuf al-Qaradawi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who lived outside of Egypt during the Mubarak years, because Mubarak saw Qaradawi as an Islamist threat to Egypt and the region.

Personally, Qaradawi made a triumphant return to Cairo. He sat on a stage before a massive crowd and he made it clear that he and the Muslim Brotherhood are a powerful force

that is going to play a large role in Egypt”s political future. While praising the military, Qaradawi also made demands. Those included ridding the Egyptian cabinet of Mubarak regime holdovers. There are press reports that shortly after Qaradawi spoke the military rulers moved to arrest members of Mubarak”s government. Qaradawi also called for the Egyptian military to lift its blockade from Gaza. In other words, Qaradawi wants to support his fellow Islamists (Hamas) in Gaza. There is no word if the military will carry out this wish of Qaradawi, but it is clear that Egypt is no longer going to be a dependable partner in the war against Islamic radicalism.

During his exile years Qaradawi cultivated a massive Arab television audience for his program that attracts a reported 61 million people. On this show he has expressed his anti-Semitism and many other despicable views of the world. This list of his ideas will give some idea of who he is:

He called on Muslims to acquire nuclear weapons “to terrorize their enemies.”
He called jihad an Islamic moral duty and said Muslims are permitted to kill Israeli women because they serve in the army.
He affirmed his support for suicide bombings.
He called the Holocaust a divine punishment of Jews “for their corruption.
He prayed for the opportunity to kill a Jew before his death.


Egyptian Army Dependent on America
In a recent Jerusalem Post article, George Friedman writes: The Egyptian government is hardly in a position to confront Israel, even if it wanted to. The Egyptian army has mostly American equipment and cannot function if the Americans don”t provide spare parts or contractors to maintain that equipment. There is no Soviet Union vying to replace the United States today. Re-equipping and training a military the size of Egypt”s is measured in decades, not weeks. Egypt is not going to war any time soon. But then the new rulers have declared that all prior treaties – such as with Israel – will remain in effect.

South Sudanese Refugees Celebrate Independence in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv”s Lewinsky Park became a scene of celebration earlier this week as over a hundred refugees from South Sudan gathered to celebrate what will become Africa”s newest country after a recent referendum in which residents of the predominantly Christian south voted to secede from the predominantly Moslem north. The people waved Israeli and South Sudanese flags while dancing to a reggae band and a South Sudanese pastor pronounced a blessing over the people.

Muslim Brotherhood Deeply Rooted in U.S.
News reports published this week revealed that both House and Senate investigators are looking into links between the radical Muslim Brotherhood and various Muslim organizations inside the United States. The report revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood is already “deeply rooted” within the

United States. Veteran FBI agent John Guandolo said, “The most prominent Islamic organizations in the United States are all controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.”


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