This issue looks at Israel”s offer of a temporary Palestinian State, the latest on Galid Shalit, violence against Egyptian Christians, Obama”s latest accusations against Israel, and the new Iranian port in Syria.


Israel Considers Temporary Palestinian State
Jerusalem Prayer

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Team reports that according to news reports out of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Cabinet are considering a proposal that would immediately create an interim Palestinian state with temporary borders that would be permanently settled in later negotiations. The move comes ahead of a visit by the “Quartet”-the EU, the UN, Russia and the United States-to the Jewish state. The Palestinians have responded negatively to the suggested plan. They are holding out hope for a better deal from the world community than they can get at the bargaining table with Israel. If Israel reaches a deal to make the painful concessions required by this proposal, it is not at all certain that the Palestinians will accept the offer.

My old friend Prime Minister Netanyahu told the gathering that Israel cannot ignore the pressure it is receiving from the world.

The Latest on Galid Shalit
The Israel Project reports: New moves in the case of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, held captive in isolation by Iranian-backed Hamas in Gaza for four-and-a-half years, have raised some slender hope he may soon be freed – though such hopes have too often been dashed in the past. Palestinian sources reported that a delegation of senior Hamas officials left for Damascus on Thursday to meet group”s chief, Khaled Mashal. They were expected to discuss Shalit among other issues. Corporal Shalit was abducted on 25 June 2006 by Hamas in a cross-border raid and has been held at an unknown location since then with no access to the International Red Cross.


Egyptian Christians Under Attack
Joel Rosenberg reports: The Joshua Fund received this urgent request from a brother in Egypt who”s watching this situation as it”s unfolding: “I am writing to ask you to pray for Egypt. Egypt is burning. There are many attacks against the Christians. As many as 7 have been killed and 75 wounded. Please pray, the situation needs the Lord”s hand.” As of Wednesday morning, media reports indicate the numbers are significantly higher, with the wounded now at 140.

Obama Blames Israel Again
One Jerusalem reports: Yesterday [March 5] the Washington Post reported that

the Obama Administration was busy planning for newly formed Islamic states in the Middle East. The article quotes a senior Obama administration official saying, “We shouldn”t be afraid of Islam in the politics of these countries.” A day later President Obama told a group of Jewish supporters, that they should not be afraid of the changes in the Middle East. This unsubstantiated rosy colored view of a revolutionary situation that no one knows how it will develop is very troubling. History tells us that the chances the new regimes will be Western style democracies are virtually nil. And when you put into the equation the Islamic component the chances are great that Jihadists that hate Israel and America will come into power.

This week, President Obama met with 50 Jewish members of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish organizations. Numerous sources have reported that in the meeting Obama made it clear that Israel is the reason why there is no peace with the Palestinians and why Iran continues its march for nuclear weapons (he openly endorsed the nonsense that the lack of a deal with the Palestinians is a prime reason why Iran has not been stopped.)

Several news stories report that Obama said that Israel should search its soul and capitulate to the demands the Palestinians are making for control over Jerusalem and Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. Such a withdrawal would make Israel vulnerable to its enemies. The news accounts did not mention whether Obama supports the so-called right of return — an integral part of the Palestinian agenda to destroy Israel. But it is clear that Obama is convinced that Israel is the problem and that Abbas is a victim of Israel”s foot dragging.

Syria Approves Iranian Port
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: Following the arrival of two Iranian warships in Latakia, Syria after their passage through the Suez Canal, Iran and Syria have signed a deal that will allow Iran to build a permanent naval base at the Syrian port. In addition to Viagra without prescription providing a Mediterranean home for Iran”s navy, the deal provides for a weapons depot for Iran”s Revolutionary Guard, housing and base facilities for incoming troops, and logistical support for submarines.

There is no question this poses a grave threat to Israel. The head of Syria”s Navy described the agreement as one that would “cripple Israel.” It has not yet been revealed what the supply ship that accompanied the Iranian frigate on its journey delivered to Syria, but analysts speculate that the size of the ship would allow for vast quantities of advanced missiles and anti-tank weapons for Syria and Hezbollah to use against the Jewish state. Most observers think an outbreak of open war is likely in the coming months.


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