This issue examines why Obama’s Plan for Israel would assure her demise and guarantees an American calamity.

When Obama and Netanyahu reported on their recent meeting, one thing became crystal clear. Israel’s leader was not about to be bullied into making the mother of all concessions- giving up all the land taken in the defensive war of 1967. Why should he? As he clearly explained, this would reduce Israel’s tiny size even further and produce indefensible borders. A visit to the Golan Heights quickly reveals how strategic this area is for Israel. Until Israel took it from Syria in the 67 War, the Israeli communities around the Sea of Galilee endured 19 years of continuous shelling. Besides, every other “land for peace” agreement only resulted in more violence, and why should Israel always be the one to make concessions? When has the world ever demanded that a country give back land taken in a defensive struggle, especially after 44 years? How can there ever be peace when both Hezbollah and Hamas are committed to Israel’s destruction. They have never wanted peace with Israel. They want her removed from the region.
Obama’s call for a return to the pre-67 borders should have dispelled any doubt as to where his true loyalty lies. Despite his smooth promises, it is certainly not with Israel. His proposal would mark the demise of Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu was certainly more gracious than I would have been after that meeting.

Promoting the death of Israel is bad enough, but it gets worse. By making such a proposal, our President has invited yet another American disaster. Every time an American leader has proposed or entered into an agreement that forced Israel to give away more land, America has been hit by some kind of disaster. I detail this in my book The Israeli Connection. It has happened too often to explain it away as mere coincidence. No doubt, you have heard many defenders of Israel claim that it’s their land, given to them by God. I agree, but Joel 3:1-2 takes it a step further. This prophetic section speaks of God’s judgment on those who have divided up His land and cast lots for His people. God calls Israel the apple of His eye. It was through Israel that He chose to make Himself known to the world. It was through Israel that He would manifest His might and power as well as His grace and compassion. It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.
So much of what we are seeing today fits the biblical description of the last days. Despite all the foolish speculation, no one knows how much time we have left. We can be assured, however, that if the world continues on its current path to declare unilaterally the establishment of a Palestinian state with borders of its own choosing, God will not be silent. He may not act immediately, but He will act. We know how the story ends. We’ve read the whole book. God will defend Israel and it won’t be close to a fair fight. We must decide whose side we are on, take a stand, and let our Lord know, in no uncertain terms, that we mean business. This is why I have recently accepted the offer to become an area representative for “Christian Friends of Israel.” If you would like to help in some way, no matter how small, please contact me at [email protected].

(Since I originally wrote this article, a Cat. 4 tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri. While I can’t prove that this was a direct result of Joel 3:2, no one can prove that it wasn’t. We had better start “connecting the dots” and trying to see the big picture here before it’s too late.)


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