This edition shows how U.S. Tax Dollars are being used to advance Shariah in America.

Many of my articles over the last year have been warning about the spread of Shariah law right here in America. Known as “Creeping Shariah,” this religious, geo-political, legal, military system has been gaining ground under the radar by taking advantage of our infatuation with political correctness and our willing to grant First Amendment “rights” to any group regardless of their stated opposition to everything America stands for. Muslim advocates like CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) have been pressuring local, state, and federal legislators to adopt some form of Shariah law. Nineteen lawsuits have already been filed in 12 states to assert Shariah law into our U.S. Court system! We must make sure these efforts are unsuccessful.
So, just how bad is it? Experts estimate that 80% of America’s mosques and Islamic cultural centers are under the direct influence of the radical Saudi (Wahabbist) Islamic wing that that advocates strict adherence to Shariah law. Keep in mind that under Shariah, religion and gender determine one’s “rights,” and an essential element of Shariah is violent jihad against all “non-believers”. Europe provides a good example of where we are headed. Great Britain now has 85 Shariah courts. In Germany, Shariah law has been used to defend a husband’s right to beat his wife and practice polygamy. France has revised its domestic tax laws to accommodate rules of Islamic finance.
Here at home, our own Treasury Department is hosting courses like “Islam Finance 101, and most of our major banks and financial institutions, including government-owned and taxpayer-funded AIG, offer “Shariah Compliant Funds” which are reviewed by Islamic clerics for compliance. Some public and taxpayer-funded university swimming pools are now providing separate male and female pools with special hours to comply with Shariah requirements. Many national food chains are selling Shariah-compliant “Halal” meats, meaning that the animal was ritually slaughtered by a Muslim, facing toward Mecca. This means that unsuspecting buyers are purchasing a product that has been sacrificed to Allah. For example, much of the lamb sold at America’s major supermarkets is imported from New Zealand and Australia, and all of it is “Halal!” At a Tyson’s chicken processing plant in Tennessee, the Labor Day holiday was replaced with a religious Islamic holiday. Tyson reinstated Labor Day only after a public outcry.

I have shared only the tip of the iceberg. We have a serious problem, and at the core is the blatant unconstitutionality of Shariah law. Our Constitution guarantees that every citizen is “endowed by our Creator” with an identical set of rights, regardless of gender or religion. Shariah takes away this most basic right. Under Shariah, any system incorporating “man-made” laws or democratic representation must be abolished, since, in Islam, only Allah can make laws. Therefore, our own government is acting unconstitutionally and is aiding and abetting an enemy that has publically stated its goal- the destruction of America.  
Fortunately, a few of our Congressmen get it. Sandy Adams (R-FL) and 54 cosponsors (all Republican) have introduced H.R. 973. This and other similar bills must get passed if we are to survive the onslaught of legislative stupidity. Personally, we must follow Edmund Burk’s admonition. If this evil is to be stopped, good men must do something about it. Nazism in Germany spread largely because no one stood against it. We must act. Andrea Lafferty at the Traditional Values Coalition, PO Box 97099, Washington, DC 20090-7088 (Traditional Values Coalition) is active in resisting the spread of Shariah in America. Consider contacting her to determine what you can do.


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