This issue looks at Obama’s 30 Day Ultimatum to Israel, the joint conspiracy of Iran, China and Russia against Israel, Israeli Foreign Minister Ayalon’s Latin American tour, a possible delay in Palestinian statehood plans, Canada’s stand against U.N. anti-Semitism, and Tennessee’s new Anti-Terrorism Law. 


Obama’s 30-Day Ultimatum to Israel
According to Israel radio, President Obama has issued Israel an ultimatum regarding the resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians. Israel was given 30 days to agree to return to the pre-1967 borders. While the consequences of not complying were not specified, cutting off further American aid was certainly implied. In Obama’s own words, “Israel will face growing isolation if there is no peace process.” This comes in spite of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s previous clear refusal of Obama’s proposal which would render Israel’s new borders indefensible. With this ultimatum, Obama is pushing Israel into a corner in an obvious attempt to elicit an expected response. Once Israel responds, Obama and his henchmen around the world will launch their well thought out plan to bring Israel to her knees. If Israel falls, guess who’s next. Us.

It’s not just about the geography of borders. It’s about a deep seated hatred of the Jewish people, democracy (as we know it), capitalism, and individual freedom. Barack Obama and the Muslim world are determined to eradicate all of these, replacing them with Shariah law. These are essential elements in the Islamic Jihad that much of America refuses to acknowledge. These are also essential elements of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America,” which much of America still refuses to see. I am sickened that an American President would do such a thing (for Israel’s sake and America’s) and that no one seems to be willing to stop him. Read more.

Iran, China and Russia Conspire against Israel
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports:When I [Mike Evans] arrived here in Jerusalem, people were talking about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization [SCO] summit between Iran, China and Russia. Of course, students of Bible prophecy will recognize a coalition of nations described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 as well as Revelation 13 and 16. These nations WILL attack Israel at some point…and the pieces are being put in place. Russia and China have provided key equipment and personnel for Iran’s nuclear program and have blocked attempts at serious sanctions against Iran.

Ayalon returns from Latin America tour
On Sunday, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon returned from his South American mission aimed to dissuade Latin American countries from recognizing a Palestinian State at the UN General Assembly in September. During his visit Ayalon met with foreign ministers from 17 South American countries and told them that the only way forward towards peace is only through negotiations. Many countries said that their previous recognition of Palestinian statehood was no guarantee that they would vote for a Palestinian state in the General Assembly.


Possible Delay in Palestinian Statehood Plans
The Israel Project reports: There are increasing signs that the Palestinians are thinking twice about unilaterally seeking international recognition of Palestinian statehood this September without negotiating with Israel, according to reports in the Israeli media. Among those opposing the idea of a state created without a peace process are Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, his predecessor Ahmad Qurei and former Palestinian diplomat at the United Nations Nasser al-Qidwa, Haaretz reported on Thursday. A day earlier a headline in The Jerusalem Post read PA may delay plans to ask UN for statehood in September.

Canada Stands against U.N. Anti-Semitism
Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, recently announced that Canada proudly boycotted action on a United Nations General Assembly resolution which sets out the details for a high-level meeting to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the 2001 hateful and anti-Semitic Durban Conference. “Canada has already made it clear that under this government’s leadership, we will not lend our good name to a meeting which seeks to commemorate the original Durban Conference and its declaration, which was flawed with anti-Semitic and hateful rhetoric,” said Minister Baird. “We were the first country to announce we would not participate in the 10-year anniversary, and we are pleased that other like-minded nations have joined Canada’s leadership in boycotting this meeting.

Tennessee Passes Anti-Terrorism Law
Act for America reports: It was a contentious legislative battle. Islamic organizations and leaders, aided by blatantly dishonest reporting by The Tennessean newspaper, pulled out the stops to try to defeat the bill. Some even claimed, quite falsely, that the bill would make it illegal to practice Islam! But in the end, the bill passed overwhelmingly, with bi-partisan support, in both the Tennessee House and Senate. The law closes a gap in Tennessee’s prevention of terrorism legislation, passed back in 2002. The law prohibits the use of religious doctrine to justify acts of terrorism or provide material support top designated terrorist organizations.


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“Man Kills Self before Shooting Wife and Daughter”