This edition looks at America as a candidate for “Mystery Babylon.”

This article continues the #1 topic of interest to my readers. Previous posts have dealt with the cities of Rome and Babylon as candidates for “Mystery Babylon.” I have offered many reasons why I feel the city of Babylon does not qualify. Rome scores higher, but some questions still remain. Today, I would like to take a look at a third alternative-America (as represented by New York City). While proponents of this view have trouble explaining how the description of “seven mountains on which the woman sits” (Rev. 17:9) applies, they offer some fascinating facts to support their case.
One argument they offer centers around New York City. When ships enter the harbor facilities, they enter from the south. Heading north, they face a city on Long Island called “Babylon.” Ship captains use its tall water tower (on which is written BABYLON) to help navigate into the harbor channel. Before heading west to the ports of New York City, Babylon can easily be seen. Whereas the account in Rev. 18:15-19 doesn’t fit for the city of Babylon (not a deep water seaport), it fits perfectly here. Were the great city in flames, sailors and merchants from this location could see it perfectly.
In my previous post, I referenced Zechariah 5:5-11. Some rabbis in the late 1800s had a strong view about this section of Scripture. According to their interpretation, it foretold that the power of ancient Babylon would be moved at some time in the future. They also believed that Isaiah 18:1 indicated that the spirit of Babylon would move beyond the western border of ancient Babylon, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia and Egypt. Since these areas were west of Jerusalem, where Isaiah was writing, they felt that the future location would be to the west. The Babylon on Long Island was founded in 1872 by immigrant Jews whose rabbis held this view. They believed it would become the home of a new Diaspora (scattering). Read more about why America could be Mystery Babylon.

I can see the Zechariah passages as indicating that Babylon, in some form, would be moved to another location. I think the interpretation of Isaiah 18:1 is a real stretch, but I’ll give then the benefit of the doubt, for now. I’m having trouble, however, relating Shinar to America. If the interpretations presented here are correct, then Babylon will be moved to a place in the land of Shinar (Zech. 5:11). I’m not seeing a connection, unless Shinar is used figuratively. However, in each of the eight times Shinar is used in the Old Testament, it refers to a land or a place.
Considering the direction America is going, I am more inclined to consider this view. We are moving away from God and our current leaders are taking us closer to a One World Government every day. Morally, we are becoming more qualified every day to represent the Great Harlot of Revelation 17. All the pieces, however, must fit. I’d like to hear your comments on this topic.
As I have said often, the point is to be ready, no matter what unfolds. We must be on the right side. We must know what we believe and why we believe it. We must be prepared to suffer, if necessary, and place the glory of God above everything else.  


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