This issue looks at the U.N. plan to seize Israeli land, Israel’s preparations and possible strategy for war, Palestinians’ real desires, Khamenei’s call to complete Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and the Unity Government’s lack of unity.  


U.N. to Consider Seizing Israeli Land
Vision to America reports: The United Nations Security Council has scheduled July 26th in New York, for open “debate” about whether or not they will seize Israeli land in September, and divide Jerusalem by establishing a Palestinian state, without negotiation or approval from Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he feared a “surprise” move after the Quartet of the United Nations, EU, USA, and Russia met last Monday in DC, to endorse President Obama’s plan to enforce 1967 borders, and divide Jerusalem and seize Israeli land to form an independent Palestine, on either July 26th or in Sept. at the U.N.
Israel Prepares for War
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: I [Mike Evans] was just informed by a high-level source in Jerusalem that the nation of Israel is preparing for war. The belief is that once the UN vote on a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital city takes place, war will break out. Israel is preparing to be attacked by its neighbors-not only the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas and Fatah, but Hezbollah, armed and funded by Syria and Lebanon, and perhaps even troops from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iran as well.
Ex-CIA Officer: Israel Likely to Attack Iran in Fall
Newsmax reports: Israel will probably attack Iran in September, a former CIA officer who spent 21 years in the Middle East, including in Lebanon and Syria, has told a Los Angeles radio show. While Robert Baer didn’t reveal the sources behind his prediction, he referred to former Mossad chief Meir Dagan’s warnings of an Israeli attack on Iran as “no bluff.” Baer told the KPFK Radio on Tuesday recent comments made by Dagan that an Israeli attack on Iran could lead to a regional war, “tell us with near certainty that [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu is planning an attack, and in as much as I can guess when it’s going to be, it’s probably going to be in September, before a [UN General Assembly] vote on the Palestinian state.” Read more.


Palestinians Want Jobs, Not Statehood…for Now
The Israel Project reports: Palestinians want their leaders to focus on creating jobs and improving health care and education, but almost none see the current drive for a unilateral declaration of statehood as a top priority, a new poll sponsored by The Israel Project has found. More than 80 percent cited creating new jobs, while only 4 percent identified current Palestinian efforts to declare Palestinian statehood via the United Nations. In considering their political leadership, 51 percent in Gaza and 59 percent in the West Bank gave Iranian-backed Hamas a negative rating. Some 77 percent of Palestinians now have a cold, unfavorable feeling toward Tehran while 73 percent agree that “Iran and its president, Ahmadinejad, care about themselves and their own agenda” rather than being friends of the Palestinian people. Only 47 percent thought this last October.
Regarding statehood, two-thirds claimed, “The real goal should be to start with two states but then move to it all being one Palestinian state.” And, 84 percent say that “Over time Palestinians must work to get back all the land for a Palestinian state.”
Khamenei Calls for Immediate Completion of Nuclear Weapons Program
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: A story quoting the Iranian Press News (which is closely tied to Iran’s government) says that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has directed the Revolutionary Guard to “immediately” finish their nuclear weapons program. He called for testing in 2012 to be followed by arming missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload to Israeli or other targets. The report says that Khamenei has made this first public acknowledgment of Iran’s true intentions in the belief that Israel and the US lack the courage to launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.
Unity Government Loses its Unity
Terrorists in Gaza have resumed rocket attacks on Israeli towns and villages after a two-month pause. Here is a possible explanation. In early May, Hamas, which controls Gaza, signed an agreement with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. They agreed to establish a unity government and to hold elections next year. However, a real, functioning government is yet to be seen. After the deal was signed, the rocket attacks stopped for a few weeks, but relations between the two Palestinian factions have worsened. The biggest problem has been Hamas’ insistence that the current Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad should play no role in the new government. Fayyad is a well respected U.S. trained economist who has worked on the staff of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis as well as the International Monetary Fund. He is known to be unenthusiastic about the unilateral statehood idea which he says will make no real difference in the daily lives of Palestinians. The resumed rocket attacks may be a sign that Hamas has given up on the whole unity government idea and is returning to its policy of low-level confrontation with the Jewish state.


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