This issue looks at the upcoming U.N. vote on Palestinian statehood, Jerusalem Arabs’ interesting preference, American Muslims’ comments against Shariah, Obama’s most recent crotch salute and his fradulent Social Security number, Turkey’s views on the Gaza Blockade, and the American “Day of Rage.”


Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad to Speak at U.N.
Joel Rosenberg reports: Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, Iran and Turkey are intensifying and Israel is becoming increasingly isolated. Netanyahu is coming to New York and will deliver a major address before the U.N. General Assembly next Wednesday. The decision reflects the PM’s desire to personally, directly and very publicly confront the Palestinian effort to unilaterally declare a state and receive a U.N. blessing, rather than engage in direct negotiations with the Jewish State. Netanyahu will also strongly condemn Iran’s bid for nuclear weapons and challenge the world to rein in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is also coming to the U.N. next week. The Palestinian Authority announced that on Friday, September 23rd it will formally submit its bid for full membership in the United Nations.

Confused about the Upcoming UN vote on Palestine on Sept. 20?
The bottom line is this: while a Security Council veto would deny the Palestinians official member status, they can also seek upgraded observer status at the General Assembly as a non-member state. This could be interpreted as implicit UN recognition of Palestinian statehood because the assembly would be acknowledging that the Palestinians control an actual state. The advantage of this option is that it would require only a simple majority of the General Assembly. Since around 120 countries have already recognized the state of Palestine to date, it would likely win such a vote overwhelmingly. If the Palestinians were to be recognized as a non-member state, they would be able to sign certain international treaties, such as the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which they cannot currently sign. This would mean thousands of lawsuits against Israel and isolation and demonization of the State of Israel.

Jerusalem Arabs Prefer Israeli Rule
One Jerusalem reports: In a recent survey, conducted with Arab residents who live in a portion of Jerusalem that Mr. Abbas and President Obama want to give to the Palestinian Authority, 40 percent of those polled said they prefer living under Israeli rule. We would not be surprised if the number is even greater than that. Keep in mind that Arabs saying nice things about Israel can be dangerous to their health. Today, an Arab who sells a home to a Jew is guilty of a capital offense, punishable by death. Click here to read some of the specific survey results.


Muslims Speak Out against Shariah
Amazingly, more and more Muslims are joining non-Muslims in speaking out against Shariah law, jihad, and the unification of mosque and state. Click here to read a very interesting post by Hasan Mahmud in which he exposes the deceptions of John Esposito’s “Islamophobia” article in the Huffington Post.

Obama Again Refuses to Salute American Flag
At the August 2nd Fort Hood Memorial Service, Barack Obama yet again showed his disrespect for the American flag by giving his now famous crotch salute. It’s time America wakes up to the emptiness in this man’s words and the distain for all things American in this man’s heart. The accompanying picture says it all.

As an example of this distain, according to Newsmax, various officials within the Obama Administration have recently announced a plan to suspend the deportation orders of 300,000 illegal aliens (many residing in South Carolina) that have already been issued by a U.S. court of law. In addition to being allowed to stay in the country, each of these 300,000 illegal aliens may also be eligible for work visas, allowing them to live and work legally in states like South Carolina, taking away employment opportunities from South Carolina residents who are unable to find a full-time job.

Obama Social Security Number Fails E-Verify Check
Barack Obama wouldbe hard pressed to find gainful employment as a migrant worker but that didn’t stop him from usurping the office of the President of the United States. Watch video.

Turkey Considering Breaking Gaza Blockade
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: Tensions between Israel and Turkey, which for many years had been Israel’s closest Muslim friend in the Middle East (Turkey was the first Muslim nation to recognize Israel, in 1949), have reached a new low. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has announced he would send Turkish warships to break the security blockade of Gaza which was established to prevent Iran, Syria and other of Israel’s enemies from smuggling weapons to Hamas. Turkey refuses to recognize the blockade as legitimate, despite the fact that the UN has done so.

American “Day of Rage”
Today, September 17, is the American “Day of Rage” which is targeting Wall Street in particular and U.S. capitalism in general. It has been billed as a day of non-violent civil disobedience by a group of radicals that reportedly include SEIU’s Stephen Lerner and ACORN founder Wade Rathke, both of whom have been part of Barack Obama’s “inner circle” for years. I see this event as simply an extension of Obama’s real economic philosophy. Learn more.


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