This issue asks: Have we learned anything since 9/11?

Now that the ten year commemoration of 9/11 is behind us, I am wondering if we

Twin Towers

 have learned anything. All the programs I watched focused on what happened, the horrors that resulted and the heroism that was displayed. Certainly these things should be remembered, but what about why it happened? While I heard the words “terrorist” and “radical” a few times, I heard the word “Muslim” only once and the word “Islam” was never mentioned. The facts are well known. Every one of the perpetrators was a Muslim who was carrying out the teachings of his religion, one that values death over life. The sight of people jumping to their death was sickening and horrifying, but it didn’t just happen. The collapse of the Twin Towers wasn’t the result of some natural disaster. It was the result of an ideology that methodically planned the attack and celebrated the mass carnage. Yet, that was never mentioned.
Then there’s the question of where God was on 9/11. While many were calling out to God in the worst day of their lives, many were, no doubt, wondering how God could have allowed such a thing to happen. While I don’t expect the media to have a clue on this, members of Bible-believing churches should get it. Anyone who has read the Old Testament knows that God, through His prophets, repeatedly warned Israel that judgment was coming unless she turned from her immorality and idolatry. When it was clear that Israel had no intention of changing anything, God told the prophet Habakkuk exactly what He was going to do. He would use the Chaldeans (Babylonians), the most wicked and cruel nation on earth, to carry out His judgment against Israel. Because of His justice, He would destroy the Babylonians for their wickedness, but not until they had served His purpose.  
The parallels to 9/11 are striking. God has been warning America for years, yet we continue to turn away from Him, dismissing Him from public life, while embracing astrology, homosexuality and gay marriage, pornography, gambling (the list goes on), and slaughtering our unborn at the rate of over 1.2 million every year. Just like He did with Israel, I believe He chose the most wicked people on earth to enact His judgment against America. Yes, He will eventually destroy Islam, but not until He is finished using it for His purposes.
America was wounded, but not destroyed. This represents both good news and bad news. The good news is that we have been shown mercy. We’ve been given a chance to right the ship. The bad news is that if we don’t change course, we can expect something much worse. I highly recommend reading the Book of Habakkuk with an eye to 9/11. It’s only three chapters long, but it answers a lot of questions and ends as it should, praising God, for He is worthy.


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