This issue looks at the bitter pill messianic Jews are forced to swallow.

Messianic Jews, Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus), have some very legitimate arguments against Christian Zionists. For simplicity’s sake, I will define Christian Zionists as those Christians who believe Jews have every right to return to the land God has given them and to govern themselves as a state. While Messianics are pleased with the Christian Zionists’ goal, they are saddened and discouraged by their choice of partners. When major events are held, messianic Jews are not invited. Often, those invited to partner with Christian Zionists are the same groups that routinely persecute the Messianics. Those leaders that don’t directly do the persecuting are usually under great pressure from other Orthodox Israeli leaders. Consequently, Christian Zionists usually end up partnering with leaders and groups that reject Yeshua and His gospel. Messianic Jews, spiritual brothers and sisters of the Zionists, find it strange that they are nearly always the last group the Zionists consider for support for their cause. Most Christian Zionist organizations feel that they must appeal to the masses (who happen to reject Yeshua, Christianity, and the Messianics). The resulting feelings of rejection by the Messianics are “unfortunate collateral damage.”

Try to put yourself in the place of a messianic Jew on this issue. Where can they go for comfort? Only to the cross. This should not be. Christians should never be the cause of pain for other believers, especially when they are so precious to the Lord. Fortunately, there are groups like Bill McCartney’s Road to Jerusalem / Promise Keepers that openly embrace Jewish believers, but they are greatly outnumbered by those groups that marginalize believing Jews.
Let’s face it, most Christians have never given much thought to messianic Jews. They don’t know any, and they are the farthest thing from their mind. I know how true this is. This once described me. Then God introduced me to some Jewish brothers and sisters and everything changed. A whole new world opened to me. One of the results was the Becoming One series. It is a guide for uniting Jewish and Gentile believers. It will open your eyes to as new type of unity that is crucial if God’s ultimate plans for the world are to be fulfilled. If you’re not ready to jump in with both feet, I would suggest starting with the companion book. I guarantee you will be blessed.


To be Politically Correct:
Your bedroom isn’t cluttered. It’s just “passage restrictive.”