This issue asks: Are Muslim Women Becoming More Violent?SINCE YOU ASKED
Lately, I’ve noticed an upswing in violence by Muslim women. Recently, a large group of Muslims attended the Playland Amusement Park outside New York City to celebrate the end of Ramadan. In response to the advance arrangements the group made, the park informed the group that due to safety concerns, all head coverings including scarves are prohibited on certain rides. That seems clear enough, right? Well, when the women got to the rides and were asked to remove their scarves, they became irate and began pushing and shoving the ride operators as well as the police who showed up. As expected, the women placed all the blame on the police, claiming they were roughed up simply because they were Muslims.
About a month earlier, David Menzies, a freelance journalist in Toronto, Canada discovered how violent Muslim women can be. He and his son were eating pizza at Yonge-Dundas Square, a popular spot for Toronto Muslims. While he was trying out his new camera, a woman wearing a hijab ran toward him screaming, “We are Muslim. You do not take pictures of us.” He informed her that he was in a public square in a democracy and that he could take pictures of whomever he wanted. Before he knew what hit him, he was reeling from a freewheeling punch in the face that nearly dislodged his new camera from his hand. He and his son were instantly surrounded by close to twenty mostly Arabic speaking people. One of them kept demanding that he surrender his camera.
Spotting a group of bicycle-mounted police, he grabbed his son and ran toward them. He explained what happened and said that he would like to file assault charges. To his delight, a couple came forward, saying that they had witnessed the whole thing and confirming David’s story. His outlook suddenly changed as he heard the officer ask the couple if the woman used a closed fist punch or an open hand, and if it was the front or the back of the hand. The officer then took David’s statements, and then approached the woman, who was still acting hysterically. After taking her statement, the officer returned to David, informing his that no charges would be filed since she was simply trying to knock the camera out of his hand.

Apparently, it’s permissible to smash someone in the face as long as your intent was merely to inflict property damage. If a face gets in the way, well, accidents will happen. This, of course, is more evidence of Western societies bending over backward to accommodate the delicate sensibilities of the Muslims in our midst. It also shows the darker side of those we are told are “moderates,” as well as the   degree to which Muslim women are willing to use violence, knowing that they will likely get away with it. Watch for more incidents like these in the future.


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