This issue looks at Janet Napolitano’s refusal to respond to inquiries into intel documents leaked by a “moderate” Muslim.
In early November, Investigative journalist Patrick Poole wrote in PJ Media that one of Janet Napolitano’s appointees to the Homeland Security Advisory Council (in October of 2010) had likely leaked highly sensitive intelligence documents to a left-leaning media outlet. Mohamed Elibiary had been touted as a moderate Muslim who loved America and would gladly provide the DHS with inside information on what all those radical Muslims were up to. According to Poole, Elibiary shopped reports marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY.
Poole’s further digging authenticated his suspicions. He learned from Steve McCraw, Director of the Texas DPS, that Elibiary had access to the Homeland Security State and Local Intelligence Community of Interest (HS SLIC) database containing hundreds of thousands of intelligence reports as well as products intended for intelligence sharing between law enforcement agencies. In fact, Elibiary was the only one of the 26 Council members who was given access to the sensitive database.
McCraw verified that Elibiary had indeed downloaded these documents. When questioned by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) regarding Elibiary’s activities, Napolitano claimed she didn’t even know who Mohamed Elibiary was, despite the fact that she personally swore him in.   
Prior to his appointment to the DHS, Elibiary was known as one of the speakers at a December 2004 Dallas Conference paying tribute to the “great Islamic visionary” – the Ayatollah Khomeni. When questioned about his appearance, he claimed he hadn’t known what the conference was really all about. According to an article in Human Events by Robert Spencer (week of 11/7/11), Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News was openly skeptical of Elibiary’s explanation. An angry Elibiary responded by telling Dreher: “Expect someone to put a banana in your exhaust pipe.”
What we have here is yet one more failed experiment intended to show that moderate Muslims can make good Americans, with America’s best interests at the top of their priority list. Besides, what could be more politically correct than appointing a Muslim to a sensitive position in the Department of Homeland Security? After all, those government officials entrusted with the task of protecting our national security have developed a foolproof method for determining the true motives of potential enemies-they ask them. If they say they love America, who are we to say they don’t?
Then there’s the issue of the continued stonewalling by Napolitano, DHS spokesman Chris Ortman, and others in the Department. Why, after more than six weeks of inquiries by Poole and others, have they failed to answer even one of their questions? Do they not see Elibiary’s intel leaking as a problem? A more likely explanation is that any public revelation of the incident would destroy the credibility of the entire department. Read more.
As you can see, it we are dependent on our government for our security, we’re in deep trouble. There’s only one source of real security-the Lord God Almighty, our ever-present help in time of trouble.


War doesn’t determine who is right, only who is left.