This issue looks at yet another Iranian plot against Israel and the U.S., the upswing in rocket attacks against Israelis, Rick Warren’s refuting of “Allah=God” reports, good news from Iran, a chilling reminder of the massacre of the Fogel family, AG Eric Holder’s attack on the NYC Police, and an interesting “preview?” of the Rapture.OUR ISRAELI CONNECTION

Azeri Police Foil Iran Plot on Israeli, US Targets
The Israel Project reports: Authorities in Azerbaijan arrested 22 people in the capital Baku yesterday who they said were working with Iran to bomb American and Israeli targets there. This follows other Iranian terrorist plots recently uncovered in India, Georgia, Thailand and Singapore. “On orders of the Sepah they were to commit terrorist acts against the US, Israeli and other Western states’ embassies and the embassies’ employees,” the country’s national security ministry said, referring to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Read more.

Rocket Attacks force 500,000 Israelis into Bomb Shelters
Joel Rosenberg reports: Here are the latest developments the Palestinian rocket offensive against Israel, in what is being described as the worst violence on Israel’s southern border in six months:

More than 150 rockets and missiles have been fired from Gaza at southern Israel in the last 3 days.
On Sunday alone, about 50 rockets were fired at Israel.
Israeli schools in the south have been closed, keeping more than 200,000 school children at home.
The Israeli Air Force has been bombing Hamas rocket launchers and weapons warehouses, and has eliminated four top terror leaders.
CNN reports that “eight Israelis have been wounded and 500,000 have been forced into shelters.”
CNN reports that among the Palestinians in Gaza, “at least 21 people have been killed in strikes since Friday, while at least 75 people have been wounded.”
The good news is that “the Iron Dome system has intercepted 90 percent of missile attacks on urban centers during the latest rocket bombardment from Gaza,” reports Israeli channel 7.


Rick Warren Refutes “Allah=God” Report

Rick Warren and Muslim activist Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

Pastor Rick Warren says he never equated Allah with God. Click here to read his remarks and some interesting comments. I apologize for passing on an undocumented claim. I posted it because:
1.     My source had been very trustworthy in the past.
2.     Previous remarks and actions by Pastor Warren made the claim seem plausible. Not long ago, He addressed the convention of the Islamic Society of North America. There, he stated that Muslims and Christians must “work together” to combat stereotypes, promote peace and freedom, and solve global problems. His speech implied that Christians and Muslims were faith mates and soul mates, and should become work mates. Is his embrace with Cat Stevens (now a Muslim activist) celebrating the common bonds of Christianity and Islam not real either, and merely a photoshopped hoax? To me, there’s a vast difference between reaching out and cozying up. I’m still skeptical.

Good News from Iran
Voice of the Martyrs reports: At some point in our lives, most of us probably prayed some variation of a sinner’s prayer. Many of us even remember the exact day and time we prayed to ask Jesus into our hearts. But many people in Iran know little about Jesus or what it means to give their lives to him. That’s why The Voice of the Martyrs, with the help of your contributions, has been supporting Christian satellite broadcasts into this Islamic stronghold.

After watching one of these broadcasts recently, an Iranian family prayed to ask Christ into their hearts. But they were worried they might not have prayed “correctly.” So they made an audio recording of their prayer and sent it to VOM’s ministry broadcast partner, Iran Alive, to make sure they had done it right. Their prayer was sincere and heartfelt, and Iran Alive wrote the family to tell them their prayer was a wonderful way of entering Christ’s family. The family in Iran then told their Muslim friends about Christ and played the recorded prayer for them. Within a week, 20 more Muslims had come to know Christ!

The Itamar Massacre: Never Forget What Muslims Did to the Fogel Family
Debbie Schlussel reports: Yesterday [March 11] was the first anniversary of the attack on the Fogel Family in Itamar, Israel in the so-called “West Bank.” Click here for a brutal reminder of the real face of Israel’s so-called “peace partner.”

Eric Holder vs. NYC Police
Jay Sekulow reports: The Obama Justice Department and Attorney General Holder are once again attempting to obstruct lawful surveillance tactics that have kept America safe from terrorist attacks. AG Holder calls New York’s tactics “disturbing” and may call for an investigation of constitutional measures that have prevented 14 known terrorist attacks since 9/11.
I have instructed our national security team at the ACLJ to prepare a legal memo defending these constitutional procedures. Sign on to the ACLJ’s letter to the Justice Department today to support these actions that keep America safe.

Is the Rapture Just Around the Corner?
If you’ve got a few minutes watch this very interesting video.


Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.