A Little Support Goes a Long Way
Not long ago, the Iranian website Alef, which is tied to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni, posted an entry explaining the legal and moral justifications for massive genocide against all Jews everywhere. The website warned that the opportunity to destroy Israel, which it referred to as the “corrupting material” should not be wasted, adding a proposal for a massive military attack against Israel using long-range ballistic missiles, which it claimed would wipe out the Jewish state in a mere nine minutes. The article, written by one of Khamenei’s strategy specialists, has been reposted on most official “conservative” government websites, probably in order to prove that it has the support of the entire regime.

This, of course, is not an isolated incident. It is one of many bold pronouncements of what the leaders of Iran intend to do and why they feel justified in doing it. Yet, contrary to all reason, the Obama administration still thinks the Iranian leaders would change the minds if we could get them to just sit down at the bargaining table and reason things out. History shows how foolhardy this notion is. Sanctions are having no effect on Iran’s nuclear program, and satellite photos indicate that Iran has probably been “cleaning up” to eliminate even more evidence of how far along their nuclear program has advanced.
The American people are being told that our government is doing everything possible to avert war. At the top of the list is trying to convince Israel not to attack before the election in November. Clearly, Obama has placed his reelection above Israel’s safety. The only other thing he knows to do is to put in place the sanctions he has resisted for the past two years.

He seems to be oblivious to the easiest, least expensive and sure fire way to deter an Iranian attack on Israel. Had our policies and actions made it crystal clear from day one that we stood with Israel and would defend her at all cost, Iran would be thinking twice about attacking Israel. Instead, we are giving aid and support to her enemies while forcing Israel into indefensible borders, yet issuing empty assurances that “we have her back.”

Unequivocal support for Israel would have done more than all other methods combined in defusing the situation and deterring an Iranian attack. It also would have put us in a position to be blessed by God instead of cursed yet again. I fear that God’s patience with America may be running out.


A rule of grammar: double negatives are a no-no.