The U.N.’s Latest Plan to Destroy America
I have written about some of the efforts to subvert our legal system by submitting to foreign law. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has publicly stated her view of our Constitution’s inferiority. In case you haven’t heard, there’s a movement in the United Nations that poses a real and present danger to life as we know it here in America. The first step in the U.N. plan is the imposition of a tax on the American people. The second step is to take the necessary steps to replace our Constitution with more “global-sensitive” foreign laws. The U.N. agenda to seize control includes:

•    Global control of the sea, air, and space.
•    Global tax authority.
•    Global financial regulatory authority.
•    Global competition authority.
•    Global Economic Coordination Council.
•    Creating a World Monetary Board.

American citizens will have no say in the matter. It will be decided for us. Our sovereignty

Miguel D'Escoto

and independence will be things of the past. And who is spearheading the movement? His name is Miguel D’Escoto, the President of the U.N. General Assembly. If his name is new to you, he was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize by the former Soviet Union. He was once a priest, but was defrocked by the Pope for turning to communism. He served as Foreign Minister under the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.

He once proclaimed that “Capitalism cannot be reformed” and “Egotism and greed cannot be corrected. They must be replaced by solidarity, which obviously implies radical change… It must be absolutely clear that we must go beyond controls and corrections of the existing model to create something that strives towards a new paradigm of social coexistence.”

His objective is clear-to destroy America’s capitalist system and replace it with his own version of a socialist regime, and the U.N. is supporting his efforts. But wait, there’s more! Barack Obama’s U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, recently announced that “the United States has placed the highest priority” on supporting D’Escoto’s agenda. The Obama administration is openly cooperating with the U.N.’s plan to destroy our nation’s foundation that has made us the greatest nation on earth. Take a look at the views of those individuals whose teachings have had the greatest influence on Barack Obama. Take a look at the views of his mentors and those in his inner circle. I’m talking about names like Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayres, and Van Jones. Barack Obama believes what they believe, and their beliefs are not good for America.

If you have been move to do something to stop this movement, I suggest you check out the American Policy Center. They have been leading the charge not only to stop the takeover, but to get America out of the U.N. for good.


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