This issue looks at news from the Jerusalem Prayer Team and the Israel Project, more on Obama’s questionable birth certificate, progress against radical Islam, a video on homegrown terrorists, the latest on Pastor Youcef, Middle-East war games, and another story of the Bible being banned.

News from the Jerusalem Prayer Team
In yet another disturbing development in the ongoing Syrian crisis, the Russian navy has

Russian Warships

dispatched at least three ships to their naval base in Tartus, Syria. Russia has a long history of supplying arms, equipment, training and even personnel to support the Syrian regime. They are doing everything possible to prop up this brutal dictatorship during the ongoing bloody civil war despite the rising death toll.

The ongoing chaos in Egypt continues to deepen following the runoff election for the presidency. The Muslim Brotherhood claims their candidate has won, but even if that is the case, it is unclear whether he will be allowed to take office. The Egyptian military has issued a series of rulings limiting the power of the new government, and the Egyptian courts have handed down a ruling invalidating the entire Parliament that was recently elected, leaving the future of Israel’s largest neighbor shrouded in uncertainty.

News from the Israel Project
Palestinian terrorists in Hamas-run Gaza fired volleys of rockets and mortars at Israeli towns and villages on Thursday for the fourth consecutive day. The non-stop attacks have left 13 Israelis wounded. Get all the details. Gaza-based terrorists have fired at least 130 rockets and mortars at Israel so far this week – a total of 462 in 2012.

Since Israel’s re-establishment in 1948, the Egyptian-Israeli border always has been open. Because of its remoteness, however, the area has become popular among terrorists, drug smugglers and human traffickers. As a result, Israel decided to build a security fence along the 266 km border. Today [6/18], gunmen fired anti-tank missiles on Israeli construction workers building the fence, killing one of the workers.

The Egyptian military yesterday [6/17] captured 22 members of a terror cell from the Sinai Peninsula. According to some reports, the cell was planning to create chaos in Egypt after Sunday’s presidential elections should Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi lose.


Hawaiian Birth Certificates Sold to Foreigners at Time of Obama Birth reports: Recently, investigators have discovered overwhelming evidence of the widespread practice of foreigners coming to Hawaii and purchasing birth certificates for their children born in their own country. During the time of Obama’s birth in 1961, many Japanese nationals applied for ‘unattended’ birth certificates for their own foreign children. They did this so as to make their children US citizens and entitled them to the privileges of citizenship. At the time of Hawaii’s statehood in 1959, Japan was still trying to rebuild itself from the financial and industrial devastation of World War II. As a new state, Hawaii needed revenue and one way they found to generate some revenue was to offer unattended birth certificates for a price. Read more.

House Members Seek National Security Answers from Inspectors General
Act for America reports: In yet another sign that progress is being made in the pushback against radical Islam, five Members of Congress recently sent letters to the Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, and others, which “seek answers about the U.S. government’s involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood…” Read more.

Watch a Mike Huckabee interview about how Americans are being radicalized to murder Americans and the U.S. government’s failure to acknowledge what is going on right under its nose.

The Latest on Pastor Youcef
Jay Sekulow reports: Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has sacrificed so much for his faith and has refused his captors’ calls for him to renounce Christ. With the help of your urging, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously passed a resolution of support for Pastor Youcef yesterday. The ACLJ’s Government Affairs team is now pressing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to ask the entire Senate to vote on Pastor Youcef’s resolution.

Syria, China to Hold Massive War Games in Middle East
Joel Rosenberg reports: “Iran, Russia, China and Syria will hold the Middle East’s largest ever war game, Iranian news outlets reported quoting unnamed sources,” reports the Jerusalem Post. “According to the report, 90,000 troops, 400 warplanes and 1,000 tanks

Russian Sub SCORPION

from the four countries will take part in land and sea exercises. The war games will feature Russian atomic submarines, according to Iranian media, as well as warships, aircraft carriers and mine-clearing destroyers. The story is particularly intriguing — and disturbing — in light of Bible prophecies in Ezekiel 38-39 that indicate a Russian-Iranian military alliance will develop in the “last days” to attack the nation of Israel. It’s also curious news coming so close to the upcoming trip by Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Israel on June 25.

Big Brother Bans Bibles
The Christian Post reports: “An atheist activist group is claiming a victory in its ongoing effort to keep religious expression and symbols out of the U.S. armed services after it was announced that the Department of Defense is removing military edition Bibles from its exchange stores. A chaplain alliance group is asking Congress to investigate whether the action taken was religious discrimination.

On June 19 I mistakenly credited The Far Side with the cartoon I posted. It was, in fact, the product of Cuyler Black. Read about him.


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