Analyzing Egypt’s Election
While I normally summarize the pertinent world events of the past week in my Saturday

Mohammed Morsi

posts, today I’m focusing on the Egyptian election since the implications for America are so far reaching. No one who has been paying attention to events in Egypt should be surprised that the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi came out on top in the recent runoff election. The Muslim Brotherhood now controls the executive and legislative branches of the Egyptian government. (Remember that the Muslim Brotherhood had previously assured the world that it would not run a candidate in the upcoming elections.)

Morsi became Egypt’s first democratically elected civilian president with 52 percent of the vote, while Ahmed Shafiq, the preferred candidate of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces earned 48 per cent. Ironically, the man Mubarak once imprisoned (for his radical and militant views) has become the man to succeed him in office. Morsi studied

Kalid Sheikh Mohammed

electrical engineering and received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. So, since he was exposed to so much American culture and was democratically elected, he’s got to be a friend of America, right? Think again. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, attended grad school in North Carolina. Look how well that worked out for us.

Before getting too pessimistic about the implications for Israel and America, let’s look at the upside of his election… Now for the downside. This guy is an Islamic radical with as much animosity for Israel and America as Ahmadinejad in Iran. Egyptians won’t fare much better, despite their belief that he will be their savior. Especially vulnerable are the 2.5 million Christians living within the borders of the Mid East’s largest Arab nation. During a speech at Cairo University in May, Morsi boldly proclaimed, “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal.”

According to a Russian news service, Morsy also said, “Today we can establish Sharia law because our nation will acquire well-being only with Islam and Sharia. The Muslim Brothers and the Freedom and Justice Party will be the conductors of these goals.” He couldn’t have made his intentions any clearer. Despite denials by Morsi’s advisors, reports in the Iranian and Arab press have circulated claiming that Morsy wants to expand ties with Iran (Iran broke off diplomatic relations with Egypt after it signed the peace treaty with Israel) and reconsider Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel.

What happened in Egypt is yet another example of what has been happening throughout the Middle East (as in Tunisia and Libya). The uprisings are controlled by Islamist groups that, in their own minds, have been suppressed for too long. They have maneuvered themselves to take control of their governments through elections, military force, or both. Democracy is used as a tool to achieve their goal. They will do whatever it takes to see that the first democratic election will be the last. Look at what happened in Gaza. Since Hamas won the election in 2006, there has not been one single election…for anything, and there probably never will be.

The only possible good news in Egypt is that the Military still has a lot of power, and the Egyptian Military is now America’s (and Israel’s) only friend (and I use the term loosely). It remains to be seen how much power the Military is willing to give up to the Islamists. While Obama has congratulated Morsi on his victory, America would be better served by supporting the Military. If the Military does not relinquish control, we can expect more Muslim-on-Muslim bloodletting, where the “religion of peace” slaughters its own in its power grab.

The potential for infighting doesn’t end there. Egypt’s population is predominantly Sunni Muslim, while Iran is the region’s leading Shiite power. Iran has supported terrorist groups in Lebanon and funneled illegal weapons to Egypt that have been smuggled to Hamas in Gaza. Radical Islamic terrorists have also frequently attacked popular Egyptian tourist sites, seriously damaging the tourism industry that is vital to Egypt’s economy. Consequently, Morsi’s desire to strengthen ties with Iran may be more difficult than he imagines. It remains to be seen whether their common goals will outweigh their differences.

Should the “union” succeed or should the Military relinquish power to Morsi, the results would be devastating for Israel and America. I have trouble imagining how bad it would be should both happen. Even if neither happens, we know the MB’s aspirations–to reclaim Palestine and make Jerusalem their capital, to re-conquer Spain, to convert Europe to Islam, and to seize control of America through the slow but methodical infusion of Sharia Law.

Yes, there really is some good news in all this. Every world event is occurring just as God has ordained. As bad as things look, He is still running the show for His ultimate purposes. In a future edition, I will deal with Egypt in biblical prophecy to see how this election fits into the grand scheme. Stay tuned. Also, if you would like to learn more about the inroads the Muslim Brotherhood has made in taking control of America, check out my new e-book DUPED- How One Enemy Organization has Co-opted Thousands of America’s Leaders. It is available at most e-bookstores. Go to “Ed Rodgers” in the Author section.


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