This issue looks at Obama, Islam, and America.
People are still scoffing whenever someone claims the President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Where could people possibly come up with such a far-fetched notion? Could it be because he speaks of his “Muslim roots,” says he hails from “generations of Muslims,” was born to a line of Muslim males and given by them an Arabic name, went to a Muslim school in Islamic Indonesia, speaks glowingly of Islam whenever he gets the chance, holds a Ramadan dinner in the White House, tells his NASA head to turn the space agency into a Muslim outreach program, refers to his Muslim faith on a TV interview, and last but not least, insults Christians on a regular basis while claiming to be one.

It appears that most Americans don’t really care. A recent poll showed that 72% of Americans would have no problem with a Muslim serving on the U.S. Supreme Court. A Sharia-pushing Muslim ruling on U.S. Constitutional issues? Are you kidding me? Considering America’s Christian heritage, it’s beyond frightening how accommodating most Americans are to a religion that is diametrically opposed to everything America was built upon. Our “tolerant outlook” has given us 27% more mosques than Great Britain, even though we both have nearly identical Muslim populations. We should learn from Switzerland which has banned minarets. Ask religious liberty attorneys how often they have witnessed Christian churches arbitrarily denied building or expansion permits compared to Mosques or the houses of worship of other religions.

According to polls, most Americans believe Muslims are patriotic and are not more dangerous than those from other faiths. If knowing the truth will make us free (John 8:32), guess what ignoring the truth will do. It seems like the message of Romans 1 in living color. We are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. While the Apostle Paul is referring specifically to suppressing the truth all people everywhere know about God, the willing suppression of truth in all other areas isn’t far behind. We know of God and His demands, but we suppress both. We want what we want, when we want it, and man’s favorite tactic is to do whatever it takes to lower the bar so his behavior is no longer offensive. In his twisted mind, truth becomes relative, restrictions becoming “unloving,” and the Bible becomes insensitive to the true needs of people in today’s society, intolerant, and full of hate.

My point is that our tolerance toward Islam, despite what the truth shows, is a logical extension of a society that has become so defensive of its own sin that it will tolerate the most hate-filled ideology on the planet if it makes them appear okay and acceptable. It’s a picture of the concluding verse of Romans 1:

Although they know the ordinance of God, and those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but give hearty approval to those who practice them.

In the end, it’s another example of America’s moral problem. In the upcoming election, most Americans will vote according to their wallets and purses, ignoring the moral issues that will destroy us even if the economy improves. And we wonder why America is in trouble.


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