What Does the Bible Say will Happen to Egypt?
This is a follow-up to my article on the recent elections in Egypt. With Morsi and the

Mohammed Morsi

Muslim Brotherhood now in power, many are wondering what’s next. All we can know for sure is what the Word of God says, and Isaiah 19 has a lot to say about Egypt’s future. The good news is that ultimately (after Christ’s Second Coming) Egypt will return to the Lord. Her people will make sacrifices and offerings to Yahweh. There will be a three-way alliance between Israel, Egypt, and Assyria (Syria, Iraq & Jordan today). Imagine that!

The bad news is that before that happens, God will judge Egypt, destroying her idols, her economy, her waters and her wisdom. Egyptians will cower in fear at God’s judgment and will be in fear of…are you ready?… Israel. Egypt will finally understand that the God of Israel is the one true God and that His decrees are not good news for Egypt.

That’s the short version, but most of us are most interested in what will happen in our lifetime. I’m sorry, but that’s not clearly spelled out. Biblical prophecy is sometimes tricky. Sometimes the Hebrew speaks in a tense that points to a future event but sounds like it has already happened. In God’s mind it’s a done deal, even though it hasn’t happened yet. Sometimes God is referring to events that have already happened, sometimes, to future events, and sometimes to both (dual-fulfilled prophecy). This is why I don’t get into many prophetic details. I’ll leave that to the experts.

In spite of all this, it’s still interesting to speculate on the cruel master that will rule over Egypt (verse 4). Some believe it’s a reference to Esarhaddon of Assyria, who conquered Egypt in 671 B.C. When Isaiah made the prophecy, it was in the future. It’s possible, however, that God was referring to a much later “king,” or that this is a dual-fulfilled prophecy. Could it be a reference to today with Mohamed Morsi being the fulfillment? Could it refer to the rule of Islam in Egypt? Could it be a reference to the rule of the Antichrist?

In most texts, there is a break between the mention of the cruel master (verse 4) and verse 5 which begins a section sounding like the Tribulation-catastrophic events like the seas and the rivers drying up. If the break is intended to separate these events, then it’s possible that verse 4 is referring to Egypt’s new leader. These verses seem to suggest a real king, and not an ideology in general.

Two things stand out to me. The first is that Israel will prevail. Against all odds, she comes out on top. It won’t be easy, but God will keep His promises regarding Israel. He will judge Israel’s sins as He judges those of her neighbors, but He will defend His great name. He will defend everything Israel stands for. It’s another reminder that America needs to be aligned with the winning side. The second is that how things go in Egypt in upcoming days may indicate just how close we are to the Day of the Lord. Will it make a difference in how we live?


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