This issue looks at Israel’s possible “weapon of choice” against Iran, the U.S. warning to the Palestinians, more bluster from Egypt, the Iranian uprising against Ahmadinejad, human rights abuse by Hamas, the imprisonment of Pastor Youcef’s attorney, Muslim support from NYC Cops, and the Qatar-Hamas alliance.


Will Israel Use the EMP Weapon?
[CFI-IND] Israel News Digest reports: A recent Israel Today article suggests that if and

EMP Weapon

when Israel attacks Iran, it may do so with the dreaded EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bomb. The EMP bomb is non-lethal to humans, but if it is detonated above the ground it sends out a strong pulse that disrupts all technological devices working on the ground. That means everything from cars to planes and computers would be put out of commission. If used on Iran, it would send the country “back to the stone age.” In such a case, Iran would have no (workable) planes, no tanks, no rockets, no sophisticated bombs, submarines-or any other kind of weaponry that depends on technology…

EMP causes non-lethal gamma energy to react with the magnetic field and produces a powerful electromagnetic shock wave that can destroy electronic devices, especially those used in Iran’s nuclear plants. Furthermore, the shock wave would knock out Iran’s power grid and communications systems for transport and financial services, leading to economic collapse… The wild card is in Israel’s hands – with Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) inscribed on it. If Israel chooses one of its Jericho III missiles to detonate a single EMP warhead at high altitude over north central Iran, there will be no blast or radiation effects on the ground… [But] Iran’s uranium enrichment centrifuges in Fordo, Natanz and widely scattered elsewhere, would freeze for decades” (

News from the Israel Project
The United States has warned European countries that supporting unilateral moves by the Palestinian Authority at the United Nations, where the Palestinians are attempting to achieve non-member observer status outside of a negotiated framework with Israel, would be “extremely counterproductive”and result in “significant negative consequences.”In a private memo, the U.S. urged those countries to block the bid, stating that only direct Palestinian- Israeli negotiations can lead to statehood. U.S. officials have indicated that they will cut financing to the Palestinian Authority if, as the Palestinians are seeking, the U.N. backs their bid by the end of the year.

An adviser to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has declared the entirety of Israel as “Occupied Arab Palestine.”Said Mohammed Saif Al-Dawla, an Arab nationalist and Morsi’s adviser for Arab affairs, “this will remain its name till the end of time, and this is a national principle as well as a historic truth.”

Iranian Demonstrators took the streets in protest after the rial lost 40 percent of its value in one week, chanting that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a “traitor” and forcing Iran’s main bazaar to close for the day. Ahmadinejad is identified with the Iranian regime’s nuclear program and with suspicions that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, in response to which Western countries have implemented the crippling sanctions driving the currency crisis. Videos of the protests were posted on a YouTube channel linked to the Iranian opposition.

Hamas is struggling to cope with evidence linking its security forces to tortures and summary executions, as reports spread that three Palestinians were recently executed on the basis of “confessions” given under coercion. The Iranian proxy, which controls the Gaza Strip, was criticized over the abuses by Human Rights Watch. Watchdog groups have long called for human rights organizations such as HRW to take official notice of Hamas’s human rights violations in the face of those groups’ “strident political advocacy” against Israel.


Youcef’s Attorney Imprisoned
Jay Sekulow reports: The attorney in Iran who fought for years to free Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is now imprisoned. He has been sentenced to nine years in one of Iran’s most dangerous prisons and given the choice of being whipped or pay a fine. Youcef is free, but the man who risked so much for his freedom is now in prison and in great danger. Thousands of you raised your voice for Pastor Youcef by joining our Tweet for Youcef campaign. We reached millions every day and helped set a man free. Will you tweet to help set his attorney free?

Should America’s Cops Dance to the Tune of Allahu Akbar?
The United West reports: The United West was at the 27th Annual Muslim Parade in New York and covered the complete event on Sunday September 23, 2012. From the very first “Allahlu Akbar” to the last condemnation of America it was pretty obvious that these “moderate” Muslims sounded just like the “jihadi” Muslims who are spreading their message of hate all over the Middle East. So, we ask the rhetorical question… Should America’s Cops Dance to the Tune of Allahu Akbar? Watch the video and you decide.

Qatar – US’ “Moderate” Islamic Ally – Opens 1st HAMAS Diplomatic Office in Gaza
Debbie Schlussel reports: Despite the Western conventional wisdom and the empty claims

Hamas Logo

of American diplomats and elected officials, Qatar is neither a moderate state nor an American ally. This is the country whose royal dictators founded, finance, and run Al-Jazeera (on which the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, has a weekly show to spew his extremism, including fatwas to blow up American soldiers and Israeli Jews). It’s a country that strictly adheres to the Arab Muslim boycott against Israel. And, now, Qatar is the first to open a diplomatic office in Gaza, officially recognizing-and giving the halal seal of approval to-HAMAS. Read more.


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