This issue looks at the unprecedented rocket attacks in Israel, the latest plot against Jewish cruise ship passengers, Abbas’s peace doubletalk, the increase in Iranian executions, the Muslim Brotherhood’s new top man, the possible coming civil war in Lebanon, shocking stories from our public schools, assassination threats by Obama supporters, and a call to help defeat the Muslim Keith Ellison in Minnesota.

More than 80 rocket attacks on Wednesday from Iran-backed terror groups
Joel C. Rosenberg reports: Terrorists in Gaza have escalated their war against Israel. Just on Wednesday, more than 80 rockets, missiles and mortars have been fired from Gaza at civilian population centers in southern Israel. Israeli schools in the south have all been closed. Residents are being told to stay in or near their bomb shelters.

Latest Terror Plot Targets Jewish Passengers on Cruise Ships
The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: Authorities in Cyprus have announced the discovery of a significant quantity of high explosive believed to have been intended for use by a Hezbollah terrorist cell against Israeli tourists visiting the island on cruise ships. This announcement follows the arrest of a Lebanese man who was shadowing Jewish travelers on the island. Israeli leaders pointed out the increase in Hezbollah activity has made Jewish people targets not just in Israel.

News from The Israel Project
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced Wednesday that he would return to bilateral peace talks with Israel after the United Nations recognizes Palestine as a non-member state. Abbas intends to request such recognition later this year. The unilateral diplomatic gambit will violate decades of negotiated assurances under which Israel made irreversible concessions in exchange for the Palestinians committing to a bilateral framework.

Human rights groups are criticizing Iran after Iranian officials executed at least 10 men this week, bringing the total number of Iranian executions carried out over the past seven months to as many as 344 people. Iran has the world’s highest per capita death penalty rate. The Islamic republic psychologically and physically tortures prisoners, and routinely violates ratified humanitarian treaties by refusing monitors access to prisons.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood elected Saad al-Katani as its new leader, filling a slot left open when Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi formally resigned from the group in order to assume office.The vote is considered a relative victory for hardliners in the Muslim Brotherhood, with Katani defeating the more moderate Essam el-Erian for the position and declaring that he seeks to “implement righteous rule based on Islamic sharia laws.”

The assassination of anti-Syrian Lebanon official Wissam Al-Hassan threatens to send Lebanon spiraling into another sectarian civil war, as rioting erupted in the aftermath of his Sunday funeral. Hassan, who was closely linked to the March 14 movement and the Cedar Revolution that expelled Syrian troops from Lebanon, was murdered by a massive car bomb Friday in a traditionally Christian sector of Beirut.


Teacher Forces Student to do ‘Islamic Hand Sign’
Act for America reports: What is happening in our public schools? A few years ago, elementary students in an Indiana school were told they had to sing a song praising Allah during the winter program. Of course, no Christian or Jewish songs were allowed. Two years ago, a Massachusetts middle school field trip to a mosque ended with the boys being asked to join Muslim prayers. Many did, while the teachers stood by silently. And now we read (WND article), a teacher in Virginia forced a student to do an Islamic hand sign-and injured the student in the process. Read article.

Obama Supporters Continue to Threaten Riots, Assassination if Romney Wins
Vision to America reports: Despite the issue garnering a significant amount of media interest as well as the attention of the Secret Service, Obama supporters continued their threats to riot and assassinate Mitt Romney if Obama loses in the aftermath of last night’s presidential debate. Read more.

Muslim Congressman calls Marine a “Liar” and “Stupid”
Godfather Politics reports: My opponent, Keith Ellison, is vehemently anti-America and he’s

Keith Ellison

said and done some terrible things while in office. But in our last debate, he reached a new low. But before I tell you what Keith Ellison said, let me tell you a little about myself. I retired from the United States Marine Corps a little over a year ago as a Major, having served honorably for 21 years including two tours in Iraq. I’m running for Congress because I believe that Keith Ellison is the epitome of what’s wrong in Washington and I fear the direction he’s leading the nation I love. But I’m not your average Republican candidate. I grew up in the South Bronx with a teenage mom and I got to where I am today through hard work and perseverance. During our debate, Keith Ellison called me a “low-life scumbag” and a “gutter dweller.” Throughout this campaign, Ellison has also referred to me as a “liar” and “stupid”, and even went as far as to refer to the GOP as a “bigoted party.” Fellow patriot, I urgently need your help to fight back against these abhorrent attacks. Will you help us take new TV and radio ads live immediately by making an emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away?
Chris Fields
Major, United States Marine Corps – Retired
Candidate for Congress


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