Hezbollah is Here
Mention Hezbollah (meaning “Party of Allah”) and many Americans would rightfully

Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah

associate it with Lebanon. A smaller number would correctly associate it with Iran. Most would breathe a sigh of relief that the most sophisticated and technologically advanced terrorist group in the world is an ocean away and not a threat to America. That’s where they would be dead wrong. Remember last fall’s foiled assassination attempt by Iranian operatives against the Saudi ambassador? I would be very surprised if Hezbollah was not involved. Here’s why. Hezbollah is directly aligned with Iran’s Special Forces, especially the Qods Force which is responsible for clandestine foreign operations. The Qods force created Hezbollah in 1982 as a strategic extension of the Islamic Republic and its foreign operations. Since the assassination attempt was a clandestine foreign operation, it was likely carried out by Hezbollah. That means the terrorist group has already infiltrated our porous borders. We’re not sure how many of them are already here, but our Intelligence Department cites “extensive activities” by the group.

Many in the Intelligence Department rate the group’s capabilities as being equal to al-Qaeda, and Peter King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, has called the group “one of international terrorism’s most violent murder gangs.” The group is estimated to have several thousand members, thousands of supporters, and several hundred “terrorist operatives.” The really bad news is that much of this support comes from within our borders in the form of operatives with military training and a larger supply of sympathizers who fund and logistically support the group. An FBI report in 1994 confirmed the base of supporters as well as the group’s ability to carry out a terrorist attack. (Imagine how strong the group is today, 18 years later!)

More recently in 2000, the FBI cracked a Hezbollah cell operating in Charlotte, N.C. It had been involved in smuggling, stolen property, fraud, money laundering, and supporting a terrorist organization. The cell had the infrastructure to be much more dangerous, especially considering its direct relationship with the highest levels of Hezbollah leadership. If you’re surprised by the group’s criminal activities, as I was, it makes sense when you understand that Hezbollah is closely tied to underworld activities. It funds its operations through its involvement in the global drug trade, which affords opportunities to connect with the world’s crime syndicates.

What do you think the group would do if America or Israel attacked Iran? Despite being under surveillance, a terror strike of some kind seems likely. How could this have happened? It seems unimaginable that we could he held hostage from within our own borders by those we have allowed to be here. While we’re lamenting the bad news, you probably didn’t know that there are 25 Islamic terrorist training camps within our borders and our government allows them to function. There are over 2100 mosques in the United States, 80% of which have been radicalized and are training grounds for jihad against America. We are allowing these to flourish also. We are inviting Muslims with clear anti-American agendas into key positions in our government. We have established ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, whose goal it is to conquer America by sabotaging it from within. All this has happened with the blessing of the Obama administration. After winning a second term, you can imagine what will happen to America if nothing is done to stop him. Now, aren’t you glad God is still on the throne?


A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to the hospital. When the grandmother telephoned to ask how he was, the nurse said, “No change yet.”