Read how the Saudis are systematically destroying Islam’s Heritage.
I was shocked to learn that the ruling Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia are destroying many of the

Kaaba in Mecca

ancient buildings in Mecca and Medina. In Mecca, the house of one of Mohammed’s wives has been replaced with public lavatories. The prophet’s birthplace may soon give way to a Grand Mosque. In Median, Islam’s second holiest place, three 7th-century mosques are slated for demolition. A decade ago, a mosque once belonging to the Prophet’s grandson was dynamited.

Wahhabis comprise a small percentage of the world’s billion Muslims, but they are the most radical and among the richest, thanks to their oil money, which they are quick to spend on lavish buildings, locally and around the world. While driving through Bosnia last year, the most striking feature of the landscape, especially in the

Clock tower in Mecca

southern region, was the ubiquitous Saudi-style mosque which punctuated the skyline of nearly every village. Some see the structures in Saudi Arabia as characterized by greed more than any architectural style. Many pilgrims to Mecca are shocked at the changes at and near holy sites (like the 2,000 ft. clock tower constructed right beside the Kaaba, the black cube comprising the centerpiece of Islamic devotions.

It’s hard for me to imagine the Saudis’ willingness to destroy these Islamic landmarks. Israel’s landmarks-yes, Islam’s-no. It appears that they are more interested in building monuments to themselves than in preserving the monuments of their prophet. It just doesn’t fit the “accepted political narrative.” I would bet that most Muslims agree, but few would be brave enough to express their opinions. The House of Saud may not be the most popular group, but it is among the most feared. It has the wealth and the terrorist connections to keep any visitor in line.

Contrast this with the regular outcries against the work of Israeli archaeologists as they dig near or under the Dome of the Rock. The fact that they are uncovering genuine archeological treasures is ignored. The fact that they are having no effect whatsoever on the “Dome” is likewise, ignored. Muslims constantly remind the world that Jerusalem is Islam third holiest site (although Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Qur’an) and they have the right to protect it from defilement. Their argument is certainly not helped by what they are allowing to happen at their first and second most holy sites. As one writer has said, “Likewise, are cartoons of Mohammed really more offensive than reducing the remains of his life to rubble?”

As one Middle East expert has stated: “Jews disturbing the Dome of the Rock fits into an

Dome of the Rock

anti-Western narrative, so Muslims can cope with that. The Saudi destruction of Mecca doesn’t fit into that narrative, and so there’s virtual silence.” We must not underestimate the importance of the established narrative. It’s not just for Western consumption. It’s for Muslims as well. They have been brainwashed into believing and accepting it. Anything that doesn’t fit within the narrative will be met with silence, regardless of how shocking it may be.


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