I need your help with two upcoming ministry opportunities.
This Special Edition is to request your help with two upcoming ministries the Lord has

Alexander the Great, Skopje, Macedonia

called me to in 2013. If you have benefited from my newsletters/blogs, I hope you will consider partnering with me in these exciting opportunities. Both trips will be through Ambassadors for Christ, Int. as has been the case for the past seven years.

In April, I will be part of a small team going to several Balkan countries (for 2 weeks) including Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey (including Muslim and Gypsy areas) as well as visiting Thessalonica and Philippi. We will be teaching, preaching, encouraging and strengthening the churches in these areas as well as learning of the needs of the pastors there to see how Ambassadors for Christ (through Pavle Cekov) can help meet those needs. My cost for this trip will be $2400.

Similar Philippines Ministry Event 2009

In October, I will return to the Philippines as part of a small team engaged in two weeks of pastor training in Cebu City and Baguio City.  A similar trip back in 2009 was one of the most rewarding teaching experiences of my life! At least this time we won’t need armed guards to protect us from militant Muslim groups (at least I don’t think we will). My cost for this trip will be $3200.

As with all previous trips, I can’t do it without a team of financial and prayer supporters. If you would consider partnering with me (either financially or prayerfully, just drop me a note at

[email protected]

and I will send you all the details you’ll need. Thanks for considering partnering with me. While these trips are a lot of work, they are also a pleasant break from investigating and reporting the world’s bad news. Your partnership will be a tremendous blessing to me.




The generous man will be prosperous and he who waters will himself be watered (Proverbs 11:25).