Too many churches are unconcerned about the threat at their doorstep.

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In Jeremiah 19 God tells the prophet that because Judah had forsaken God, chased after false gods, and filled the land with the blood of the innocent (in the form of child sacrifices), God was bringing a calamity upon Judah (and specifically Jerusalem). The people would be “broken” beyond repair (v. 11) because they had “stiffened their necks” so as not to listen to God’s warnings. Jeremiah was to sound the alarm (v. 15).

In chapter 20 we discover how the people reacted to his message. The religious officer responsible for law and order in the Temple had him beaten and put in stocks. When Jeremiah is released, he changes the priest’s name from Pashhur to Magor-missabib, meaning “terror on every side.” This is exactly what Judah would experience when the Babylonians attacked Jerusalem and carried most of the inhabitants of Judah off to Babylon.

This attack was prophesied about a hundred years before Jeremiah just after one of Judah’s best kings did something incomprehensibly stupid (see 2 Kings 20). Babylon’s king sent letters and a present to King Hezekiah offering best wishes and a speedy recovery from his serious illness. Hezekiah not only accepts the gift, but shows the Babylonian king’s representative all around, including all his treasure house. When Isaiah the prophet heard what he had done, he said, “Behold, the days are coming when all that is in your house, and all that your fathers have laid up in store to this day shall be carried off to Babylon; nothing shall be left.”

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After Jeremiah changes the priest’s name, he proclaims, “For thus says the Lord, ‘Behold I am going to make you a terror to yourself and to all your friends; and while your eyes look on, they will fall by the sword of their enemies'” (v.4). He proceeds to tell him that God would enable the Babylonian king to plunder them and carry off all their riches.

Verse 7 begins Jeremiah’s lament. He makes sure God understands that no one is listening to his message. The people couldn’t care less. They even mock him. It’s a waste of time. Why should he keep beating his head against the wall? Suddenly, he is struck by the undeniable truth. He can’t keep quiet. God had placed in his heart such a burning desire to spread the message that there was no way he could shut up. He saw what was coming. He cared for the people and for Judah. He had to sound the alarm whether they listened or not and even if they continued to plot against him. He had no choice.

I can appreciate how Jeremiah felt. That’s exactly where I am. God has placed in me a similar burning desire to warn the people of America and especially the churches that God’s judgment for America’s sins (which are just like Judah’s) is right at the door. We have told God He is no longer welcome, chased after all sorts of false gods, cheapened life, and glorified what God calls profane. Add to these the sins of giving away God’s land in Israel and electing a leader who is hell bent on destroying both Israel and all that is good about America, and it’s hard to image that God hasn’t reached the end of His patience. It seems to me that Islam may very well be the vehicle through which that judgment will come. I and others are sounding the alarm, but time is running out. The least we should do is to prepare, take godly action, and beg for a spiritual awakening.

While I haven’t been placed in stocks or beaten, none of the pastors I have contacted (regarding speaking to their congregations) were even remotely interested. They’re much too busy with “more pressing” concerns. Besides, their schedules are set for the year and they have to “stay on schedule.” The general attitude across America is similar. Most people don’t want to read books on Islam. They’d rather spend their money on a video game or going out to dinner. Learning about Islam is such a downer and it’s not very entertaining. They’d rather just think happy thoughts. If you go public with the message, the politically correct crowd will label you an intolerant Islamophobe. If you take the message to our college campuses, you’re labeled a hate monger.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood is successfully carrying out its plan of “jihad by sabotage,” infiltrating every segment of our culture. To ensure their success, our President has appointed Muslims to key positions in our national security organizations, making Hezekiah’s blunder seem insignificant. Not only has he shown the enemy where our “treasures” are, he has set them in charge over them.

We have more pressing concerns? Really?

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