The way many Jewish institutions support anti-Zionists is perplexing. Learn the hard-to-believe facts.
Life is full of things that just don’t make sense. Here’s one of them. Many mainstream Jewish institutions are openly coming out in support of anti-Zionists and anti-Semites. Recently, Daniel Pipes, in his Middle-East Forum, published a list of Jewish institutions that have fallen into this category:
•    Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University: Plans to give its International Advocate for Peace Award to Jimmy Carter, author of Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, on April 10.
•    92nd St.Y: Scheduled (but then postponed) a talk by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, leading exponent of artistic boycotts of Israel and purveyor of antisemitic canards.
•    San Francisco Jewish Film Festival: Showed Rachel, a film hailing anti-Israel activist Rachel Corrie, and had Corrie’s mother speak at the showing.
•    Brandeis University: Bestowed an honorary degree on Tony Kushner, who says “it would have been better if Israel never happened” and accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing” Palestinians.
•    Republican Jewish Coalition: Invited Christopher Hitchens to address it, despite his calling Ariel Sharon “vile” and Zionism a “false messiah for the Jews.”
•    Cardozo Law School: Gave its International Advocate for Peace Award to Desmond Tutu who has said that “Israel is like Hitler and apartheid.”

Recently, and article by David Wurmser explained the rationale for why the Israeli government drew the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) line (marking the borders for Israel’s offshore gas reserves) the way it did. Contrary to the established practice worldwide, Israel indented the line so that the entirety of Gaza Marine would be included in the Palestinian Authority area. The gas, which was to be used both inside Gaza for electricity production and exported to Israel, was to help the Palestinian Authority fund itself, have resources to build up its stature among Palestinians, and by stimulating development, to encourage political stability and moderation.

All this was done “to help the development of the Palestinian economy which was seen as key by Israeli and American leaders to politically moderating the Palestinian population and solidifying peace, and to lay to rest any potential arguments in the future over the resource.”

In the gas reserve issue, Israel, who has all rights to the gas reserves, purposely drew the demarcation line to the detriment of Israel and the benefit of Gaza. It represents yet another perplexing move made in hopes of appeasing their enemies. In an attempt to go the extra mile to show it’s willingness to live in peace and to help the people of Palestine, it has decreased its ability to support its own people.

This falls into the same category as the recent public apology to Turkey for what happened during the infamous Gaza flotilla raid in May of 2010. Obviously done in hopes of improving the declining Israeli-Turkish relations, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s apology had the opposite effect. It made Israel appear weak and invited even more Turkish bravado and saber rattling. Appeasement never works.

In many ways Israel is her own worst enemy, and it stems from a failure to recognize the God who is responsible for her existence. If the people (including the government) of Israel would recognize their dependence on the God of their fathers and trust in Him for their protection, no enemy would stand a chance. As it is, God will have to act on His own. This is why Christians need to be praying for Israel beginning with the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). To better understand how to pray, I recommend The Israeli Connection. It will answer a lot of your questions about Israel and America in the Last Days.


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