What makes Barack Obama tick? What is his real agenda, and what does he really believe? Here’s Part 1.
This begins the series I introduced in my last article. I am presenting information from “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution” written by David Horowitz.

We were given a preview into Obama’s agenda when after winning the 2008 election heObama arrogance 1 appointed Van Jones, a self-described communist and admirer of Mao Zedong, to a top White House post. He then put into play all that he had learned from the ultimate Chicago organizer- Saul Alinsky and his strategy of deception as outlined in his Rules for Radicals- the guide for advancing radical agendas. He devoted his life to organizing a revolution in America whose “operating system” he saw as oppressive and unjust. Lust like his most famous disciple, Barack Obama, he carried out his plan under the title of “community organizer.”

He saw criminals as victims of a capitalist society and an unjust social environment that

Al Capone

Al Capone

granted the greedy with private property at the expense of the underprivileged. Morality and character were non-entities. (This explains why he became socially intimate with the Al Capone mob.) While Alinsky viewed communists as irrelevant, he embraced them as political allies. He positioned himself to be a leader of the left after the Communist fall. While never analyzing Communism’s effectiveness or consequences, he simply saw Communism as having failed because of its dogmatism and inflexibility.

In Alinsky’s mind, you must not paint yourself into a corner by clearly defining your goals and agenda. You must be “political relativists.” In his mind, the revolutionary’s purpose was to undermine the system and see what happens. The goal was to transfer power from the “haves” to the “have-nots,” but the methods had to remain flexible, constantly changing as the establishment reacts. Just watch how Barack Obama reacts to his numerous scandals and you’ll see this principle in living color.

A little logic reveals the basic flaw in Alinsky’s reasoning. It assumes that the “haves” did

Saul Alinsky

Saul Alinsky

nothing to receive what they have, inherited their wealth, and helped no one else along the way. It also assumes that the “have-nots” were all well-intentioned hard working people who were never given a chance by the “haves.” We all know this isn’t the way life works. True, sometimes it happens, but by and large, those who “have” have worked hard for it and have employed many others on their way. Still, the radicals cling to the only goal that gives meaning to their lives, ignoring the fact that the same goal that inspires the radicals’ war has been the source of the most repressive regimes and inhumane atrocities the world has ever seen.

Thus hasn’t stopped many of our nation’s most prestigious schools from jumping on the

Angela Davis

Angela Davis

bandwagon, adopting “social change” and “social justice” as their new-found reason for being. Both are routinely the subject of commencement addresses, often given by anti-capitalist radicals like Angela Davis and unrepentant terrorists like Bernadine Dohrn.

Dostoevsky famously wrote that “if God does not exist then everything is permitted.” The meaning: if humans do not have a conception of the good that is outside themselves, then they will act as gods with nothing to restrain them. Both Alinsky (who died in 1972) and Obama are already there. In their minds, action is for mass salvation, not personal salvation. Radicals justify the evil they engage in by believing that they’re working for the betterment of mankind. Once again, it has never worked before, but that will not stop them from trying it again and again.

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