This issue looks at the new Iranian president, the latest news on the unrest in Turkey, the Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood partnership, more freedom for U.S. mosques, and more.

Bill Clinton Demands a Divided Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: At an event on Monday in Jerusalem, formerJerusalem panorama President Bill Clinton said that Jerusalem must be divided if Israel is to survive! He called on the Jewish people to give up control of their capital city in order to make peace with the Palestinians. Of course, he ignored the fact that the Palestinians do not want peace; they want Israel destroyed.

Netanyahu Warns, Don’t be Fooled by Iranian Election reports: “15 years ago they said [former Iranian President Mohammed] Khatami is moderate, but nothing has changed. Iran will be judged by its action regarding nuclear program.” -Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday cautioned the West to avoid being

Hassan Rohani

Hassan Rohani

fooled by the election of a purported moderate in Iran’s presidential election, noting that the Islamic Republic is really ruled by radical Islamic clerics. Over the weekend, Iranians overwhelmingly voted into power moderate cleric Hassan Rohani, who was backed in the campaign by reformist elements. Rohani campaigned on a platform of greater freedom in Iran, and had previously vowed to reinstate official relations with the US. That might be good news for Iranians. But when it comes to foreign relations, and especially Iran’s nuclear program, Israel urged the West to continue treading very warily. Read more.

(Iranian president-elect Hassan Rouhani served on the Iranian government committee that approved the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina that killed 85 people.)

News from The Israel Project
Turkish security forces have  widened a broad arrest sweep targeting anti-government

Turkish riot police fire teargas at protesters at Taksim Square on Tuesday. (Reuters: Yannis Behrakis

Turkish riot police fire teargas at protesters at Taksim Square.  (Reuters: Yannis Behrakis)

protestors. The ongoing demonstrations – coupled especially with the government’s heavy-handed response to activists accusing Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of promoting Islamist and authoritarian policies – have eroded Ankara’s legitimacy domestically and abroad. Hundreds of people gathered in silent vigils across Turkey in response to the mass arrests of some 400 demonstrators, including at least 28 people against whom the government will press criminal charges.

Egyptian security forces are preparing for anti-Hamas demonstrations as popular suspicion deepens that the Iran-backed Palestinian

Hamas Logo

Hamas Logo

terror group may try to bolster the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood against large-scale anti-government protests planned for June 30. Theories under which Hamas provided critical assistance to the Brotherhood during the Egyptian Arab Spring have become prevalent in Egyptian media outlets, partly as a result of a media war being conducted between Hamas and Egyptian security forces.

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution foreclosing moves to boycott or divest from Israel, and committing the city to awarding contracts without considering issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


US High School Recites Pledge In Arabic: “One Nation Under Allah” reports: Well now, here is evidence of what I’ve been saying all along

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

and that is that you cannot be religiously neutral. It just can’t happen. Religion is at our very core and if we will not honor the true and living God as God, then we will fill that vacuum with a false god. Exhibit A: Rocky Mountain High School in Colorado. Outrage is building over the fact that students were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic replacing “one nation under God” with “one nation under Allah.” Read more.

Why Does NSA Spying Exclude Mosques? reports: Your Granny’s phone calls, your teenager’s Flickr stream, andMosque PAID your Telecharge tickets for two on the aisle at Mamma Mia! for your wife’s birthday, and the MasterCard bill for dinner with your mistress three days later are all fair game, but since October 2011 mosques have been off-limits to the security state. If the FBI guy who got the tip-off from Moscow about young Tamerlan had been sufficiently intrigued to want to visit the Boston mosque where he is said to have made pro-terrorism statements during worship, the agent would have been unable to do so without seeking approval from something called the Sensitive Operations Review Committee high up in Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. Read more.

Video: Egyptian Former Muslim: “The Goal of Islam is to Conquer the World”
Free at Last’: La. State Senator Explains Why He Recently Left the ‘Government Plantation’ & Joined GOP in Powerful Video
Another Sheriff Slams Obama’s Birth Certificate As A ‘Fraud’
Conservativeamericaonline reports: The mainstream media desperately wants you to believe that this story has gone away… it hasn’t. This sheriff, who initially declined to investigate the issue, now states that he “doesn’t know where Barack Obama was born” and that Obama’s Birth Certificate is a “fraud and a fake.” Watch video.


If the police arrest a mute, do they tell him he has the right to remain silent?