The controversy over drones is far from over.
Recently, the subject of drones has caught the attention of the public. First, it was the use

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of predator drones against enemy combatants overseas, then American citizens acting in collusion with our enemies overseas. Now, the attention is on the same two scenarios, only here within our borders. While few object to using technology to take out our enemies whether here or abroad, many are fearful that the eyes in the sky could easily be used to monitor the moves of law-abiding citizens. When the ACLU and the Tea Party are on the same side, you’ve got an explosive issue with a broad base of support.

According to Federal Aviation Administration estimates, our skies will contain up to

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30,000 buzzing robots within a decade. Many states are taking pre-emptive action by crafting tough anti-drone laws to combat what is already a $90 billion industry. The market has attracted a host of budding aviation companies determined to cash in on the latest lucrative market. After all, a quality drone costs only slightly more than a car and lower-grade models can be assembled for less.

Considering the steps the Obama administration has already taken, it seems likely that thetanks DHS Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security (and who knows what other agencies) will claim that our national security is at risk and Swami Obama will use his magical powers to find a way around all the state restrictions to flood the skies with his spies. He has already bought up 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, purchased specially equipped tanks to use against unruly citizens, worked with his cronies at the U.N. to enact gun-denying and sovereignty-stripping legislation directed at the United States, enacted policies that are decimating our military and crippling our economy, and welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into his administration. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots and see what he’s really up to.

Drones would be his perfect tool to monitor compliance with all the Agenda 21 initiativesWest Point emblem from recycling compliance to carbon emissions and everything in between. Once gun registration is followed by gun confiscation, they could spot the “rebels” once they step outside with their illegal firearms. Then there would be all those illegal anti-American meetings by those right wing conservatives, you know, the ones that are being equated with terrorists at places like West Point.

One way or another Emperor Obama is going to find a way to keep track of all those who oppose him. The Democratic Party is already making a push in Texas to turn the state blue (which in itself is fair game) in order to make it impossible for the Republicans to ever win a presidential election. He is carefully following the rules for revolution laid out in the Alinsky model and it’s working. I’ve described just what that model is in several recent posts. Consequently, I think we can look for a push to justify his eyes in the sky over America.


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