To understand what’s happening in Syria, we need to look behind the curtain.
Now that our president had made his appeal for support in using force (undefined) against the Assad regime in Syria for their alleged use of chemical weapons (if diplomacy fails), Americans have good reasons to be confused. Why is he now “for” the very action he was so “against” when the stage was Iraq? If the issue is really “defending humanity against the inhumane slaughter of defenseless civilians,” why wait until hundreds of thousands have already been slaughtered, declaring that the use of chemical weapons against a few is more important than the death of hundreds of thousands by conventional weapons? The Muslim world has (not unexpectedly) promised retaliation if we attack Syria. Why is Obama so intent on drawing us into a war (despite his unfounded promises that this won’t happen) after he had decimated our military’s readiness? Why all the bluster about crossing his “red line” when he has proven he intends to do nothing (as with Iran)?

With all the stonewalling, witness silencing, and unanswered question about whatman behind the curtain 2 really happened in Benghazi last year, we have good reason to surmise that in Syria, all is not as it appears. It’s complicated enough just trying to identify all the “players” (in addition to a-Qaeda) under the banner of the rebels. It’s even more difficult to assess what Obama’s real agenda is and how it plays into his big picture. The one thing that has been consistent over Obama’s time as President has been his support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Look at the big three Middle East leaders the Obama administration has played or is playing a major role in deposing: Qadaffi, Mubarak, and Assad. What do they all have in common? All three were and are anti-Muslim Brotherhood and anti-al-Qaeda. Granted, they’ve all got some nasty baggage, but they’re strongly against those who are profoundly anti-America, and those who rise to take their place are brutal terrorists.

It used to be that enemies of your enemies were your friends. Why the change? Why are we supporting the terrorists? The evidence seems to point to only one conclusion. The worldviews of the terrorists and the Obama administration have much in common. When you combine Barack Obama’s Muslim background and his wholehearted embracing of the teachings and principles of Saul Alinsky, his actions make sense. It’s all about the revolution, and one of the chief tactics for both Alinsky and the MB is deception. We see it every day. Racial arsonists such as Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright pose as civil rights activists. Anti-American radicals like Bill Ayres pose as patriotic progressives. Socialists pose as liberals. Barack Obama poses as a Christian who has America’s best interests at heart.

The other tactic common to both is the infiltration of the chief institution of American society. Obama has facilitated this by appointing Muslim Brotherhood members as his foreign policy advisors (despite the MB being designated by our government as “co-conspirators” in the Holy Land Foundation Trial of 2008 that revealed the real purpose of the foundation: the financing of terrorism).

If you’re still not convinced of the connection, think back to Obama’s infamous Apology Tour of 2009, especially his Cairo speech on June 4th (at an Islamist college). Listen carefully to his speech and you’ll discover that he was not addressing the nation of Egypt. He was addressing the religion of Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood was offered front row seats. Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak was not even invited.

As we try to make sense of our President’s real purpose in Syria, we need to lookman behind the curtain pin behind the curtain because what we see is all for show. The real purpose is much more sinister than we could imagine, but when you consider who’s really pulling the levers, the fog starts to lift. Obama’s Cairo speech gave the green light for the Arab Spring, and as we’re seeing in Eqypt, the winners are the Muslims (especially the Muslim Brotherhood) and the losers are the Christians. What is happening in Egypt has been going on for years in Iraq. Satan is intent on destroying what God has built while deceiving the world in the process. Christians and Israel will always be in the crosshairs and Barack Obama is one of his most willing accomplices.


The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.