This issue looks at the battle over Jerusalem, the consequences of dividing up God”s land, the debut of my new book, Islam and the Last Days, and world pressure on Israel to de-nuke.


Jerusalem Prayer Team reports
It appears that the battle over Jerusalem is fueled by politics and not by religion. To the Muslims, Mecca is the city to which they pray five times daily-not Jerusalem; Mecca is forbidden to non-Muslims upon threat of death-not so Jerusalem. Christians, Jews and Muslims are welcome to worship at their various holy places.

To the Jews, Jerusalem is the navel of the world-to the Muslims, it is Mecca. Just as the Muslims rule their holy city-Mecca, so the Jews should have the right to rule Jerusalem. An interesting note: Jerusalem is not mentioned in the 1964 PLO covenant it was of so little import to its leaders. It was not until Israel reunified the city in 1967 was the word “Jerusalem” added.

Now President Barack Obama seems hell-bent on forcing the Jews to the negotiating table yet again. Determined U.S. presidents should perhaps review the natural events that have happened following attempts to coerce Israel to relinquish control over Jerusalem. Was it only coincidence that as President George H. W. Bush was opening the conference at the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Perfect Storm (the one made famous in the movie) developed in the north Atlantic creating the largest waves ever recorded in that region?

The storm traveled

1,000 miles “east to west” (as opposed to the normal west to east pattern) to crash into the eastern coast of the United States. Thirty-five foot waves smashed into the Kennebunkport, Maine, home of President Bush. This was one of the worst storms in American history and one of the top ten in insurance claims.

When the Madrid conference was moved to Washington, DC, for a resumption of the land-for-peace talks, hurricane Andrew struck Florida. It wreaked havoc, causing an estimated $30 billion in damages, leaving 180,000 Americans homeless, and securing a spot on the top ten list for largest disasters in American history.

President Obama seems eager to acquire worldwide recognition with the creation of a Palestinian state by forcing his will on the Jewish people. Will he, as has been reported, instigate a “hostile takeover” of the derailed negotiations between the two sides?


I am pleased to announce that my new book, Islam and the Last Days, will be available on my website this Wednesday, May 19. A PDF is also available at a reduced price. I believe the information in this book is indispensable in understanding the religion whose leaders have declared jihad against Israel and America. It will help you understand why Muslims think the way they do and lays out four intriguing possibilities regarding the role Islam will play in the last of the last days. 
One Jerusalem reports
Following the lead of Iran”s President, the international community is increasing pressure on Israel to expose its nuclear capabilities and to eventually disarm. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency has formerly asked member nation”s to join in forcing Israel to expose its supposed arsenal. This is an unprecedented action. This focus on Israel is proof positive that the international community is not serious about the Iranian nuclear threat.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has joined with the permanent members of the Security Council in support of a nuclear free Middle East. Again this is a provocative act against Israel. Only Israel is being pressured to expose its defenses.

All this is pressure is coming in the midst of an Obama administration charm offensive directed at Israel and the American Jewish community. In public, the Obama administration is reaching out to some Jewish critics and saying nice things, but in reality Israel continues to be squeezed by the pro-Muslim bias of the Obama administration.

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