This issue looks at how Iran is monkeying around with ICBMs in its way to becoming the world’s most dangerous nation, more insulting nonsense imposed by the “shutdown,” more power grabs by Obama, and more.

News from The Israel Project
The New York Times this morning piled on increasingly pointed concerns – also leveledNuclear blast in recent days by senators, analysts, and other outlets – regarding any deal between Iran and the West that would leave Tehran with sufficient capacity to follow North Korea’s example and sneak across the nuclear finish line. Statements and leaks had indicated that Iran would offer to limit some of its future enrichment capabilities while retaining all of its already-enriched material. The Times noted that such a deal would “would have been a significant concession to the West [a year ago] but Iran’s nuclear abilities have advanced so far since then that experts say it will take far more than that to assure the West that Tehran does not have the capacity to quickly produce a nuclear weapon.”

The deputy head of Iran’s space program announced Sunday that Tehran was planningspace monkey to send a second monkey into space, deepening concerns that Iran is making steady progress in developing intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Islamic republic recently announced it was also considering a space launch that would send a Persian cat into orbit. A threat report published earlier this year by the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) and the Office of Naval Intelligence concluded that Iran’s space launch and ballistic missile programs are used to “increase the range, lethality, and accuracy of its ballistic missile force.”


Feds Order Barricades Back Up at WWII Memorialshutdown troops
(Outraged vets removed and dumped them outside White House yesterday) reports: (Info Wars) – While the government is supposedly still in “shutdown,” more money is being spent on new barricades to fence off the World War II memorial in DC, just hours after outraged veterans removed the old barricades and dumped them outside the White House. Read more.

American Family Association Now Deemed A Domestic Hate Group By Obama reports: In a sickening and sinister turn, the American Family Association has been labeled a “domestic hate group” by the thugs in the Obama Administration. The U.S. Army has been ordered to classify the AFA as such, along with literal hate groups like Klu Klux Klan, the Black Panthers, and the Neo-Nazis. This is an outrage. The AFA is a respected Christian ministry, and has been around since 1937. This is a deliberate strategy by the Obama Administration, the liberal media, and the American culture itself to turn on Christians. The AFA stands for traditional family values, and as such, they must now pay the price in a culture that is going straight to Hell. Read more.

ACORN Operatives Roll out ObamaCareObama Acorn reports: A group formed from the ruins of ACORN is hard at work signing people up for ObamaCare, and may be collecting taxpayer cash for their work despite Congress’ efforts to cut the organization and its affiliates off from government funding, a watchdog group charged. Read more.

Obama Continues Treasonous Support of Muslim Brotherhood reports: I’ve been claiming for months that Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of treason as defined by Article 3, Section 3 of the United States Constitution. From the moment he offered aid and support to the Egyptians rebels that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak to the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood as the ruling party in the country.  Obama even went against Congress, breaking constitutional law and sent money and arms to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and their President Morsi. The Egyptian cabinet was inadvertently filmed in a meeting stating that America is an enemy in the same category as Israel.  The television broadcast caught Magdi Hussein, the leader of the Islamic Labor Party saying:

“I’m very fond of battles. With the enemies, of course, with America and Israel, but this battle must be waged with maximum judiciousness and calm. Even though this is a secret meeting we must all take an oath not to leak anything to the media unless it is done officially by Sister Pakinam. We need an official plan for popular national security, even if we did …”

Even after this declaration that America was an enemy to be battled, President Obama exempted Egypt from having to comply with the mandatory human rights requirements to receive military aid.  This is a clear example of an act of treason. Read more.

No Fast Track for Obama’s Next Power GrabObama arrogance 1 reports: President Obama is seeking power the Constitution has assigned to Congress. Soon, he will formally ask Congress to surrender its constitutional authority and grant him “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority. And House Republicans are inexplicably ready to give it to him. Members of Congress who take our Constitution seriously will follow Nancy Reagan’s advice and Just Say No. Under Fast Track, Obama would be able to sign commercial trade agreements before Congress votes on them. Read more.


I’m not saying let’s go kill all the stupid people…I’m just saying let’s remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out.