This issue looks at Israel”s war preparations, Palestinian support for continued attacks on Israel, a Palestinian attack on a U.N. children”s summer camp, Iran”s nuclear agreement with Brazil and Turkey, and the proposed mosque near ground zero.


Joel Rosenberg reports
Israelis on Sunday began a massive nationwide home front exercise to prepare for the possibility of a major with Iran, Syria, and/or Lebanon. “The exercise, “Turning Point 4,” is due to last five days and be carried out in all parts of the country,” reported Haaretz. “During the first three days the drill will

involve the Israel Defense Forces” various command centers, the police, emergency services, ministries and other government offices. The exercise, which is held annually in May, will be broadened on Wednesday to include civilians, with a siren sounded at 11 A.M. throughout the country. Civilians will have to seek cover in shelters or other secure areas.”
The Israel Project reports
A poll conducted by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in March 2010 showed that 47.2 percent of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza either strongly support or support armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel. These findings come against the backdrop of continuing Palestinian glorification of terrorism and violence. For example, the Fatah party, led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, held a children”s football tournament May 15 in honor of terrorist leader Abu Jihad at a Palestinian youth club near Jerusalem, where the party”s branch secretary encouraged the children to follow Abu Jihad”s example. Abu Jihad planned multiple terrorist attacks against Israel, such as the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre which killed 37 civilians, including an American.

Palestinian militants vandalized a United Nations-run children”s summer camp in Gaza Sunday (May 23). About 20 men, some armed with assault rifles, tore up tents and burned storage facilities. The attackers also left behind three bullets with a note threatening to kill John Ging, the head of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza which runs the camp, unless its summer camps are canceled.


I have been invited by the Christian Friends of Israel to come to Jerusalem to sell my new book, Islam and the Last Days, at their 25th Anniversary International Conference. I leave on May 29th and will return on June 4th. This will be a wonderful opportunity to join with other believers in supporting Israel and learning how to defend ourselves against the attacks of the enemy. The book is now available on my website. A PDF is also available at a reduced price. I believe the information in this book is indispensable in understanding the religion whose leaders have declared jihad against Israel and America. It will help you understand why Muslims think the way they do and lays out four intriguing possibilities regarding the role Islam will play in the last of the last days. 
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports
Earlier this week, Iran signed an agreement with Turkey and Brazil to exchange enriched uranium. The pact was nothing more than a deceptive means by which Iran hoped to deter impending sanctions for its lack of cooperation with the IAEA regarding its nuclear program. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the radical revolutionary, is certain to have a hidden agenda. Turkey and Brazil should be warned that to harbor a viper in one”s bosom is certain death.

Iran”s motivation was nothing more than to outwit the UN Security Council and forestall another round of sanctions that was sure to further cripple Iran”s economy. Both Turkey and Brazil have economic ties with Iran that they would like to preserve and enhance, and they concur with Iran”s claim that it should be allowed to enrich uranium-for peaceful purposes, of course. Unfortunately both have ignored Iran”s background of dishonesty and non-cooperation that has led to three sets of sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. The two countries have now aligned themselves with the bully on the block.

Recently, a Community Board in lower Manhattan approved the construction of a community center and Mosque yards from Ground Zero. This decision was greeted with happy talk by community board members. But one observer said, this would be like the Japanese erecting a Shinto Kamikaze shrine near the American battleships destroyed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

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