This issue looks at another discovery in Israel, the WMD found at Penn State Altoona, Obama’s real motives, the latest on Pastor Saeed, and more.

Stunning Symbol of Jesus Discovered in “Magnificent” 1,500-Year-Old Israeli Church reports: Stunning Symbol of Jesusbyzantinemosaic3 Discovered in “Magnificent” 1,500-Year-Old Israeli Church. Numerous sources are reporting the discovery of a 1,500-year-old Byzantine Basilica, or church, in the village of Moshav Aluma, 30 miles south of Tel Aviv.According to a report in Live Science, one of the most remarkable finds was a white “mosaic containing a Christogram, or a ‘type of monogram of the name of Jesus.’ It’s actually more like a ‘chi rho’ symbol, which puts together the first two capital letters in the Greek word for Christ and often looks like an X superimposed on a P.” Read more.  

News from The Israel Project
Reuters today conveyed statements from State Department Iran centrifugesspokeswoman Marie Harf confirming that the first round of comprehensive nuclear negotiations with Iran will begin in New York in mid-February, amid both news and analysis reflecting unease over the willingness and ability of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani to offer meaningful concessions.

An overnight explosion reported in Syria’s Mediterranean port city of Latakia, which Syrian opposition sources linked to action by the Israeli Air Force (IAF), has refocused attention not just on Jerusalem’s oft-reiterated commitment to stem the flow of advanced weapons through Syria but on Russia’s increasingly open efforts to arm the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Islamists over the weekend released a tape showing fighters from the Alsurface to air missiles Qaeda-aligned Ansar Jerusalem jihadist group using a surface-to-air missile (SAM) to down an Egyptian helicopter operating in the northern Sinai Peninsula, the first time the group has demonstrated the capability to successfully deploy SAMs.

The U.S.-Egypt relationship is in danger of further deterioration, with a diplomatic snub this week having revived Egyptian frustrations that first crystalized when the Obama administration last fall took the widely criticized and now  functionally reversed decision to partially halt military aid to Cairo.


WMD Found at Russian National’s House in PA reports: Thought NSA was supposed to have stopped PA-Russian-Student-Bomb-Weed-jpgthis sort of thing. Here dumb luck got it. On Friday evening, Pennsylvania authorities arrested a Russian citizen for reportedly possessing a weapon of mass destruction. Police arrested Vladislav Miftakhov, a 19-year old who the Altoona Mirror reports is an engineering student at Penn State Altoona, after finding “a suspected bomb and other bomb-making materials inside a suitcase.” They had originally gone to his residence to investigate reports that he was growing marijuana at his home. Read more.

Was Obama’s Real Job to Destroy America’s Moral & Ethical Foundations? reports: It should be obvious to everyone that Barackobama destruction Hussein Obama’s sudden rise to power had to be orchestrated by some very powerful and wealthy people.  We can speculate who some of them are, but needless to say, Obama was not capable of pulling off political victories on his own. So what was the purpose behind Obama’s push to power?  What was his real job that his puppet masters gave him? Read more.

Oklahoma Bill Introduced to Nullify ObamacareOk cap reports: Oklahoma is another state that is taking a stand and flexing their 10th Amendment muscles in the face of the Obamacare healthcare law. Rep. Mike Ritze has introduced legislation that would be similar to that of South Carolina’s legislation and would essentially gut the Affordable Care Act in the Sooner State. Read more.

Clemency for Saeed?
There is a glimmer of hope for Pastor Saeed, a U.S. citizen imprisoned inSaeed Abedini Iran for his Christian faith. Iran’s foreign minister, speaking to CNN about Pastor Saeed, said, “We have various clemency measures in Iran that can be introduced, happened in the past, can be introduced again in these cases.” Now is the time to speak with one voice. Iran, grant clemency. Send Pastor Saeed home to Idaho. Sign our NEW petition at the Be Heard website. Let’s build on this moment of hope. Sign Our New Petition Urging Clemency for Pastor Saeed.

Confidence Game: Losing American Support, the Gulf States Scramble
The reports: With America losing credibility across the Middle East, its longtime Arab allies are left facing the Iranian menace alone-and increasingly, are looking elsewhere for support. An increasing body of evidence has begun pointing to a major shift in American foreign policy in the Middle East. Over the course of the Obama Administration’s tenure, amid the turmoil of the Arab spring, the United States has shown itself unwilling to defend some of its traditional allies (such as the military in Egypt), or to stand by its own threats and red lines (such as punishing the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons); in many cases willing to cede significant influence to other outside powers (such as Russia); and to attempt to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran that is far more conciliatory to Iranian demands than had been the previous policy (such as allowing for uranium enrichment). Read more.

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