This issue looks at the latest First Amendment violations, the Girl Scouts’ Planned Parenthood connection, Communist support for Obama, and the Pentagon’s “cave” to Muslims.

News from The Israel Project
A Sunday speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is fueling concerns that the Iran-backed terror group intends to use Lebanon’s off-shore energy resources to provoke a conflict with Israel, with the terror group chief reportedly insisting at least three times that Israel is engaged in a plot to plunder Lebanese oil.

Saudi nuke program

Photo by Peter MacDiarmid/Reuters

The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake and Josh Rogin reported on Friday that the Obama administration’s diplomacy toward Iran was risking a cascade of new nuclear proliferators across the Middle East, with both Western and Israeli intelligence agencies telling the outlet that Saudi Arabia is developing uranium enrichment infrastructure that has long been ‘considered by arms control experts as a tell-tale sign of a clandestine weapons program.’

Unity talks between the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas factions have reportedly stalled amid Fatah demands – and Hamas refusals – that new elections be held to provide Palestinian lawmakers with a mandate to rule over some of the areas that they claim for a future Palestinian state. The deadlock is a symptom of a fundamental dynamic that has consistently blocked reconciliation efforts: Hamas controls the Gaza Strip and Fatah controls portions of the West Bank, and elections that unified the two territories would by definition require one faction to yield its power.

Iranian media trumpeted on Tuesday that comprehensive talks betweencomputer-virus-iran the P5+1 global powers and Iran had gotten “off to a good start,” quoting Iranian officials declaring that any discussions aimed at “halting Iran’s (nuclear) program and dismantling Iran’s nuclear facilities” were off-limits. Western assessments in contrast were pessimistic, both in general and specifically regarding the prospects for an agreement that would verifiably put Iran’s atomic program beyond use for weaponization.


Obama Plans to Put Government Monitors in Newsrooms reports: I thought we already had this with the liberal media, but this would certainly make it official. The American Center for Law and Justice is warning of an Obama administration plan to place government monitors in newsrooms via an FCC proposal that could turn every major news network and newspaper into little more than a state media mouthpiece. Read more.

Hamas-CAIR wants to remove Pledge of Allegiance, “Liberty and Justice for all”? Allahu akbar! reports:Slave to Islamic supremacist imperatives, Hamas-CAIR, is schooling us on what the Pledge of Allegiance means and why schoolchildren should not have to say it. They are telling us that it should not be “mandated” in America, when every aspect of daily human life is mandated under sharia. I am sure they would love to mandate the shahada. Their allegiance is not with America. Their allegiance is to Islam. Read more.

Girl Scouts Threaten Pro-life Groups reports: Angered over the conservative backlash to thePro-life 1 Girl Scouts partnerships with Planned Parenthood and other abortion service groups, the Girl Scouts have begun threatening pro-life groups. When conservatives first began learning of the Girl Scouts connections with Planned Parenthood it caused quite a controversy – as thousands of pro-life families recreate with the Girl Scouts. When the Girl Scouts made it clear that they would not only continue their partnership with abortionists but also celebrate them, it became clear that  pro-life families would have to part ways with the organization. Read more.

IRS Decision Looms: Silence the Christians
AFA Action Alert reports: Time is running out for Christians to file their objection to IRS plans to restrict Christian and other conservative non-profit groups from distributing voter guides and legislative scorecards, holding get-out-the-vote campaigns and even voter registration activities. The IRS is proposing regulations that will give them the authority to invent rules that could ultimately shut down conservative organizations like AFA, Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America and the Tea Party. Submit your comment to the IRS now! Deadline to comment is February 27, don’t delay!

Communists to Obama: We’ve got your backcommunist icons reports: With Democrats facing a real possibility of losing the Senate this November, the Communist Party USA has announced the cavalry is planning to ride to their rescue by helping unite the left and stave off “right-wing extremism.” Read more.

The Pentagon’s Bow to Islamic Extremism reports: “Caving to pressure from Muslim groups, thedv1132024 Pentagon has relaxed uniform rules to allow Islamic beards, turbans, and hijabs. It’s a major win for political correctness and a big loss for military unit cohesion,” said a recent report. This new relaxation of rules for Muslims comes at a time when the FBI is tracking more than 100 suspected jihadi-infiltrators of the U.S. military.  Just last month, Craig Benedict Baxam, a former Army soldier and convert to Islam, was sentenced to seven years in prison due to his al-Qaeda/jihadi activities. Read more.


The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine is now fully recovered.