Learn what Israeli officials have recently learned regarding the economic war being waged against them.
This Special Edition is to alert you to an upcoming event that, ifAmerican Israeli flags successful, will have catastrophic consequences for both Israel and the United States. Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer Team has recently informed the JPT members of some startling news that Israeli government officials have learned. Considering Israel’s reputation for accurate intelligence gathering, we can assume that their claims are factual. They have discovered that the Obama administration is behind the recent BDS movement against Israel. This Boycott – Divestment – Sanctions program is an attempt to bring Israel to her knees economically so that her leaders will bow to the pressure to give in to Palestinian and White House demands.

Given Obama’s track record on sanctions in Iran as his “weapon of choice,” it’s not surprising that he would choose this tactic against Israel. Despite all his rhetoric, his intentions regarding Israel are clear. His land “give-away” demands will redraw Israel’s borders to match the non-defensible pre-1967 borders. His promises regarding Israel are is dependable as “If you like your health plan, you can keep it.”

According to Dr. Evans, Israeli leaders have learned that April 29 has been set by the White House as the date when the hammer will come down on Israel. Something is going to happen on that date to force, coerce, or extort Israel to officially divide Israel with the Palestinians.

Should Israel bow to these demands, the “hill country” would become theKerry Abbas enemy’s territory from which they could incessantly shell Israel as Syria did before the “67 War. Nothing good would come from this plan. The newly formed Palestinian state would fail economically, and God would certainly not be happy with either Israel or the United States for, once again, giving away His Land (See Joel 3:2).

snow stormWe can be sure that nothing done in secret has escaped the notice of the Lord. I believe He has already begun to punish America for her role in this. John Kerry has been pressuring Israel for some time now, hoping for his Noble Peace Prize at Israel’s expense, whilesnow storm 2 oblivious to the consequences for America. Have you noticed that the unprecedented drought and cold weather patterns have coincided with Kerry’s meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu? Do these weather “events” provide evidence for global warming as we are told? I think not. Are they evidence of national judgment? Much more likely.

Courtesy of theleadingedgeblog.com

Courtesy of theleadingedgeblog.com

Please pray that God would intervene to prevent this insanity and protect Israel and her land for His sake and reputation. May He show undeserved mercy on us for what we have allowed to happen. Remember, the effectual prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

This article will give you more background information on the larger issue of a Palestinian state.