This issue reports on the detention of Galid Shalit,Turkey”s new image, more Islamic attacks on Christians, Iran”s latest threat, and the latest advances toward a one-world government.

The Israel Project reports
As Israel marks four years since Iran-backed Hamas has held an Israeli-French soldier hostage, the terror group is still refusing to allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit him. Allowing the Red Cross to visit Staff Sgt. Gilad Shalit, Hamas Politburo Deputy Chief Mousa Abu Marzouk said June 11, could give away where Hamas is keeping the 23-year-old hidden. On Sunday (June 27), Shalit”s parents plan to begin an 11-day march across Israel – from their home in the country”s north to Prime Minister Netanyahu”s Jerusalem residence – in a campaign to bring more public attention to their son”s plight and call for more government action to win his release. The Shalits have said they will camp outside the prime minister”s house until their son is freed. Meanwhile, Israelis are expected to hold rallies in Tel Aviv to commemorate the fourth anniversary of Shalit”s capture.
Events in Turkey indicate that much of the Turkish public increasingly believes that their Prime Minister blundered by unnecessarily provoking a crisis with Israel. If crises often provide opportunities, however, the long-term results of the flotilla incident might be just the opportunity to restore Turkish-Israeli relations to where they were before Turkey”s current Islamist government took power. It now appears that the average Turk — for lack of a better term – approximately 70% of the population who is not part of the political establishment, the academic establishment, or the media — now understands that this crisis has hurt Turkey internationally and politically and that there was no reason for Turkey to provoke Israel.
Since Israel”s deadly raid on the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara last month, it”s been assumed that Iran would be the major beneficiary of the wave of global anti-Israeli sentiment. But things seem to be playing out much differently: Iran paradoxically stands to lose much influence as Turkey assumes a surprising new role as the modern, democratic and internationally respected nation willing to take on Israel and oppose America.


Jerry Golden reports
Many don”t understand why Turkey has moved away from the West and into the arms of Islamic Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.  The answer is two-fold. First, they really had no choice for it is prophesied in Ezek 38.5 and they have also been convinced that Israel will be defeated this time, and they want to be on the side they think will win.  In fact, Turkey”s Prime Minister Erdogan is now willing to lead the charge.  We are hearing that Iran and Turkey will together send more ships to break the Gaza blockade and this time with naval escort, an act of all-out war.  Israel will react accordingly to protect itself.  It would also be good to keep in mind that all this talk about the Gaza blockade could be a smokescreen to draw attention away from the soon coming attack. 

Worthy Christian News reports
Lebanese security forces prepared to crackdown on Islamic insurgents Friday, June 25, after threatening leaflets were found calling on Christians to leave a key port city and a bomb blast that killed at least one person in a predominantly Christian town.
Over 20 Afghan Christians have been detained in Afghanistan after high-level leaders called for the arrest and execution of converts to Christianity in the Islamic nation.
Iran has warned of a military confrontation with Israel and the United States after at least eleven American warships, including an aircraft carrier, and an Israeli vessel passed through the Suez Canal, the largest fleet of ships to cross the volatile, strategic waterway, in recent years.
[At G8 Summit) Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has called for a new global currency to replace the dollar as the World”s Reserve Currency.
Pope Benedict XVI has urged the creation of a “true world political authority” to “guarantee the protection of the environment” and to manage the global economy.

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