This issue looks at the spin-offs from the Boko Haram abduction, DHS cooperation with terrorists, the EMP threat, and more.

A Jewish Farmer Has Re-Invented the Wheel

News from the Israel Project
The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday angrily denounced reports printed bychlorine victim western media outlets alleging that the Islamic republic had supplied Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime with chlorine-filled chemical weapons (CWs), accusing the Daily Telegraph in particular of being a “Zionist news outlet” that “spreads lies to deviate the world’s public opinion from realities.”

Nuclear blast - CopyReuters on Monday leaked a confidential new report from a U.N. Panel of Experts documenting a range of Iranian efforts aimed at circumventing international restrictions on its acquisition of illicit material, with the wire highlighting parts of the report in which experts worried that the Islamic Republic has “learned how to outsmart security and intelligence services in acquiring sensitive components and materials.”

Palestinian outlet Ma’an  reported Monday that the United Nations had officially accepted the Palestinians as members of the U.N. Convention against Corruption, one of scores of international institutions that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has committed to joining and – of those treaties and bodies – one of many that analysts have noted the PA is already in violation of.


Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi

Reuters on Friday published a wide-ranging analysis – headlined
“Egypt’s [Abdel-Fattah El-]Sisi turns Islam on the Islamists” – documenting a range of moves and statements being made by the country’s presumptive next president suggesting that while Sisi “may turn out to be the most outwardly pious of any of the military men to have governed Egypt since the republic” he does not seem likely to “inject more Islam into the government” and is instead positioning himself as “a religious reformer.”


DHS Secretly Allowed Suspects with Terror Ties into Country reports: The existence of a “hands off” list that permitted easy entrance for suspect individuals into the United States has drawn concern from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), who released a cache of internal DHS emails detailing the list’s existence and discussion about permitting an alleged member of the Muslim Brotherhood to enter the United States. Read more.

Muslim Leader Sexually Assaults Little Girl – Parents Cut Off His…mullah reports: We have another story of a Muslim holy man sexually assaulting a young girl – happily, this story ends with the attacker facing a father’s retribution. A mullah in Afghanistan is said to have sexually assaulted a young girl in his care. She told her parents who then went about setting the trap for their revenge. Read more.
Why Did Hillary/Obama/Bush Block Boko Haram From Terrorist List? Same Reason All 3 Blocked Muslim Brohood, Other Grps – To Appease Muslims
Debbie Schlussel reports: The Right is rightly upset about news that Hillary ClintonBoko Haram blocked Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram from the State Department terrorist list (until this past December), but Barack Obama is President, so he shares the blame. Yet, Boko Haram was founded and known to the world since 2002. And guess who declined to add the group to the State Department terrorist list from 2002 through the end of 2008? That’s right. George W. Bush. Why isn’t the Right calling him on this, too? Did he miss that Boko Haram bombed churches, buses, schools,police stations etc. and murdered over 10,000 people (including kidnapped Westerners) since the beginning? Read more.

Obama Administration: Boko Haram Has ‘Legitimate Concerns’ reports: For reasons that only Barack Obama can answer,boko haram 2 the State Department took far too long to designate the savage Muslim group, Boko Haram, a terrorist organization. When State Department officials finally did designate it a foreign terrorist organization, they did so while never mentioning that the people being terrorized were Christians, who are being targeted for their beliefs. The media doesn’t mention it, but the kidnapped schoolgirls who have finally brought this evil group to international attention are Christians. Read more.


Experts Warn Congress: EMP Attack On US Power Grid Could Lead to “Catastrophic Civilian Casualties” reports:There are few things that could revert our modern day civilization back to the Stone Age. Most of them are naturally occurring events such as a massive asteroid impact, a global Tsunami, or a super volcano. But as far as man-made events go, an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack on our national power grid would be so devastating that, according to a panel of experts who addressed Congressional members on Capitol Hill this week, a nuclear strike would pale in comparison. Read more.

GOP CA Gov Candidate Hosted Shariah Finance Conference; Jihad Darrell Issa, Jeb Bush Defend Him

Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari

 Debbie Schlussel reports: Tim Donnelly, the Tea Party candidate for California’s Republican Gubernatorial nomination, noted on his Facebook page that Neel Kashkari, the GOP establishment candidate for California’s Republican Gubernatorial nomination,hosted a Shariah finance conference at Harvard, when Kashkari was a Treasury Department official in the Bush Administration. All of this is entirely true. Kashkari did this, and he served as the Bush Shariah-pimp with your tax dollars. Read more.



Yet another reason why there are fewer men than women in the world

Yet another reason why there are fewer men than women in the world