This issue looks at American support for the Palestinians and Hamas, more Christians crucified by Muslims, the upcoming government war against Americans, especially returning vets, and more.

Muslim New Jersey Councilman Says US City is “Part of Palestine”; Palestinian Flag Raised Over NJ City by Muslim Charged w Violencepalestinianflagpaterson
Debbie Schlussel reports: A Muslim City Councilman in Chris Chrispiecreme’s favorite city, Paterson, New Jersey, declared that the American city is “part of Palestine,” while other Muslims and the city’s mayor raised the Palestinian flag over the city to protest Israel’s existence on Sunday. Read more.

Obama Ready to Openly Work with Hamas Terror Group
Hamas reports: Nail meet coffin. Where to begin? More like a helluva place to end. Because this is an ending – an ending of the United States as a force for good. An ending of the United States as a moral government. It’s the end of the United States as we have known it. Hamas is a genocidal terror group whose charter calls for the annihilation of Israel in the first paragraph. The reason for their existence is annihilation. Read more.
News from the Israel Project
Israel’s left-leaning Haaretz on Monday assessed that Hamas is trying to followHamas Rocket 2 what the outlet described as the “Hezbollah model” as it seeks to maintain influence in the context of a consensus government established with the rival Fatah faction, under which – per a boast from a Hamas source – the organization would “avoid ministerial responsibility for civilian matters [in the Gaza Strip], but… maintain its power as a popular-resistance group.” The source went on to specifically brag that “if anyone expects Hamas to hand over its missile network to the [Palestinian Authority], he’s making a big mistake.” Analysts had already begun explicitly sketching out how Hamas’s ongoing intransigence – the group’s leader, Ismail Haniyeh, has been unequivocal that the organization will continue to seek Israel’s destruction.


Muslims Crucify Two Teen Boys for Being Christians reports: In another example of Islamic savagery, rebels in Syriacrucifixion 2 (President Obama’s allies, remember?) have tortured and murdered many Christians in recent days. Reports state that two young Christian boys were tortured and crucified by a Muslim mob for refusing to renounce Christianity. One of the young men was crucified in front of his father, who was then also murdered by the Muslim monsters. A similar incident took place just a few months ago – it seems crucifixion is becoming a favorite method of murder for the Islamists. Read more.

USDA Looking To Buy Submachine Guns  
submachine gunNewsmax reports: The USDA isn’t the only federal agency to seek weapons or ammunition in recent months. Earlier this year, the U.S. Postal Service joined the list of federal agencies seeking to purchase what some Second Amendment activists say are alarmingly large quantities of ammunition. Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said in April that his organization is seeing a highly unusual amount of ammunition being bought by the federal agencies over a fairly short period of time. To be honest, I don’t understand why the federal government is buying so much at this time.” Read more.

Muslim Goes to Mecca-and Finds Jesus!
After taking a shower the next morning, he discovered what he thought wasAli dust on the part of his chest Jesus had touched, but in fact the hair on his chest had turned white in the shape of a hand. reports: A Turkish Muslim who made a pilgrimage to Mecca in a desperate attempt to get his life back on track returned as a Christian to the great astonishment of his family. Now a pastor, Ali Pektash has been addressing a conference in Jerusalem called At the Crossroads, and sees it as part of his mission to help re-unite the sons of Abraham. Read more.
Police Now “Armed For War” Against Returning Veterans  
mine resistant reports: In an interview with Fox 59, a Morgan County, Indiana Police Sergeant admits that the increasing militarization of domestic police departments is partly to deal with returning veterans who are now seen as a homegrown terror threat. In a chilling story entitled Armed for War: Pentagon surplus gives local police an edge, we learn how a Mine Resistant Vehicle (MRAP) which was once used during the occupation of Afghanistan will now be “patrolling the streets of central Indiana,” according to the report. Read more.
Watch video showing the armored vehicle being used in Indiana.

The Lessons of History reports: Have the lessons of World War Two been forgotten? WePutin & Obama 2 have been watching the horrors unfold in Odessa. I always ask myself, have we forgotten the lessons of the Second World War? Putin has shown many similarities to Adolf Hitler. He has “restored” Russia by increasing its military. He has annexed Crimea. Does that sound familiar? Hitler did the same thing in Germany when he built their military and then annexed Czechoslovakia. Doesn’t that sound just a little similar? Read more.

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Yet another reason why there are fewer men than women in the world