What’s Happening to our Nation- Especially on our Southwestern Border?

This SPECIAL EDITION is the longest and perhaps the most important article I have ever written. I honestly believe that an understanding of what I have written is absolutely essential to the survival of our nation.

The Bible tells us that the sons of Issachar were men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do (1 Chron. 12:32). Oh, how we need to be like them! We know our nation is on a course of self-destruction, but we must understand what is really going on in order to know what we should do. Paul warned us not toman behind the curtain 2 look at the seen world, but to focus on the things that are unseen-eternal things (2 Cor. 4:18). I have discovered that the same principle applies when dealing with evil. Satan is all about deception-making things appear as they are not. Spiritual warfare requires that we look beyond what we see, and the same is true if we are to understand the evil we are facing in our nation. In this article, I will attempt to show what is really going on “behind the curtain” and under the radar. I will attempt to show that what appears as chaotic ineptness on the part of our President is actually part of a carefully orchestrated plan.

The Common Thread

Nearly every day there’s a new crisis or scandal that sets the Obama administration’s opponents into scurry mode to check out what he’s done now. There seems to be a common thread running through them all, but it’s hard to define just what that thread is. Each new crisis seems to be more bizarre that its predecessor, but they all seem to be leading somewhere…but where?

We’re convinced that Barack Obama is behind them all, but he is adept at blaming the Republicans for everything and staying clear of all the dirt that’s flying. He continues to do whatever he’s doing behind the scenes and has kept his opposition busy putting out all the fires he has created. Meanwhile, he continues with his strategy-a strategy that he has kept a secret. So, how do we discover his secret strategy? It’s really not all that difficult. To understand what makes a person tick, you need to understand who his teachers were in his formative years. You need to learn the guiding principles that drove him to his current position. Let’s look at a few of those teachers and influential friends.

Obama Muslim 2

1.    Obama’s brother confirms that Barack Obama was raised as a Muslim.
2.    From age 11 to age 18 Obama’s mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, who was responsible for setting Obama on his current “career path. Davis was an ardent communist.
3.    Sometime during his youth, Obama was introduced to the teaching of Saul Alinsky. His “worship” of Alinsky appears to begin around 1985 when Obama began a four-year stint as a community organizer in Chicago, working for an Alinsky-modeled group called the Developing Communities Project. Alinsky’s mission in life was to organize a revolution to destroy the American system, which he saw as oppressive and unjust.
4.    During his years at Columbia University (1981-83), Obama became fascinated with the writings of two Marxist professors who, in 1966, had presented their long range plan to destroy capitalism and free-enterprise in America. Columbia professors Andrew Cloward and Francis Fox Piven had devised a plan to provoke chaos by deliberately overwhelming governmental systems and the U.S. economy to the point of collapse, paving the way for state intervention that would ultimately replace America’s free-enterprise republic with a state-directed national system of “guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.”
5.    Then there’s Bill Ayres, the unrepentant domestic terrorist of the 60s who became one of Obama’s bosom buddies during his time in Chicago. Together they concocted a plan to attack the prestigious citywide system of magnet schools that had been set up for students with high test scores. They would be replaced by Afrocentric “small schools” under the influence, if not the control, of ACORN. (Ayres dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan, the murderer of Robert Kennedy.)
6.    More recently, the president’s two most trusted friends and advisers, Valerie Jarrett  and  David Axelrod,  can also trace their political heritage back to Davis and the Chicago Communist Party USA of the 1940s.
7.    Coming full circle, Obama has recently embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and appointed anti-American Muslims to key government positions.

From this brief sampling, it’s easy to see that Barack Hussein Obama was neverObama_Muslim_Brotherhood going to become a protector and defender of Jeffersonian democracy. He appears to have become an amalgamation of all of his mentors-a socialist Islamist revolutionary bent on destroying everything he sees as the “American system.” He, indeed, desired to radically transform America, but not as his supporters hoped.

The Cloward-Piven Plan

Let’s return to where we started-the common thread. Obama’s political philosophy is likely a mixture of all the teachings he embraced over the years. Yet, one of the strategies he learned is evident in nearly every scandal. It is perhaps the common thread that ties them all together. It is the Cloward-Piven plan to destroy free enterprise in America. Initially, their plan was to bankrupt New York City’s welfare system by flooding it with more people than the system could handle. This would lead to a social and financial crisis that could be exploited to propose the radical changes they had in mind. After the method was perfected locally, it would be implemented nationally.

Their plan was published in the leftist, Communist-supporting magazine, “Thewelfare collapse Nation.” The left quickly took to it, calling the idea the “crisis strategy” and the “flood the rolls, bankrupt-the-cities” plan. The plan was patiently implemented until in 1974 the nation’s number of single-parent households on welfare increased from 4.3 million to 10.8 million in relatively good economic times. New York saw the greatest “success.” By the early 1970s, for every two productive workers, one was on welfare.

In 1970, Cloward told The New York Times that “rather than placating the poor with government hand-outs, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; collapsing the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation; poor people would rise in revolt; only then would “the rest of society” accept their demands.” It was all about giving power to those on the bottom through income redistribution. (Sound familiar?)

Of course, history has shown that after wealth is redistributed, those who first had it will eventually recapture it, for they have learned how to effectively use the free market system by producing something others need. Those at the bottom have learned that doing nothing will bring handouts and lots of free stuff. The Cloward-Piven plan was to bring the entire free market system down so no one could regain their wealth and the government would gain control over those on both ends of the economic spectrum.

By 1975 the plan had worked so well that New York City declared bankruptcy,bankruptcy taking down the entire state of New York with it. The Cloward-Piven plan had proven itself. Other left wing groups were taking notice. They saw how catastrophic it would be if applied on a national level.

What’s Really Happening on our Southwestern Border?
Take a close look at what is happening at our Southwestern border. Somewhereillegal alien border along the line, Obama, or one of his cronies saw the illegal alien issue as a potential bonanza for both future votes and participants in the perfect supplement to the welfare system as an economy killer. What we’re seeing has Cloward-Piven written all over it. If Obama wanted to secure the border, he would have done it long ago. Instead, he has invited and orchestrated a situation where thousands upon thousands of illegal-alien children are pouring into our nation, draining local communities of resources they can’t afford, and offering government handouts and citizenship.

To make matters even worse, instead of building a fence or sending American

MS-13 Member

MS-13 Member

troops to prevent border crossings, Obama has called in the UN whose representatives are working with Homeland Security agents in determining where in the US the illegals will be transported. Part of their job is to gather MS-13 (a transnational gang) members who have been captured from different roundups, group them together, and then transport them to various locations on the perimeter of the United States. (The Obama administration gave orders for them to be treated like any other illegal- everyone is welcome.)

The plan seems to be to flood the country until we get to the point where we are anTurn Texas Blue open-borders country that welcomes everybody, legal and illegal. One of the objectives, which has been openly circulated, is to saturate Texas with so many illegals (who will eventually be given voting rights) that Texas will permanently become a blue state with a Democrat majority, ensuring that no Republican will ever again occupy the White House. Consider what happened in California. It became a Democrat-majority state right after the 1986 amnesty bill was passed by Democrats in Congress under Republican President Ronald Reagan. Even though the President was a Republican, the illegal immigrants voted (and continue to vote) Democrat.

While Barack Obama (and several Republican leaders) have been unsuccessful in using normal political processes to gain amnesty for the illegal immigrants already in the U.S. (more than 10 million), he has orchestrated an invasion of illegal “children” from Central America. What we’re seeing is no humanitarian crisis. It has been in the works for several years. Contracts to transport the masses of children were signed last year. Construction on facilities to house them began years ago.

Think about it. What are the odds that purely by chance, all these children from so many different places just happen to show up at the same time at our southern border? The only rational explanation is that they were invited and told that they wouldn’t be turned away. If any are actually deported, it will be a small number-a token to appease the opposition. The vast majority will stay and become Democrat-voting citizens. One congressman is convinced that Obama is begging to be impeached over this in order to energize his Democratic base just in time for the upcoming mid-term elections.

As if he’s daring his opposition to impeach him, he wants to make the illegals’HONDURAS refugees journey to America safer. At the time I am writing this, he is preparing an executive action that would allow illegal aliens to come to the United States directly instead of travelling across dangerous terrain! Instead of risking these future Democrat voters perishing on the journey, Barack Obama is going to give them permission to hop a plane and come to the United States directly, using YOUR tax dollars!

The Magnitude of the Problem

Over 20,000 of these children arrived on our soil in 2013, and another 60,000 areObama shoes expected this year. Many are not “kids” at all, but seasoned criminals and gangbangers! Worse, of the more than 100,000 illegal “children” who’ve swarmed over U.S. borders in the last four years, only 3,500 have been deported. No wonder many of them arrive wearing tennis shoes bearing Obama’s picture!

Think of the drain these young illegals will have on our economy. It’s not about solving a humanitarian crisis. It’s all about collapsing the system by overloading it. It’s meant to be New York all over again on a national scale. Instead of spending money to secure the border, Obama wants billions (that we don’t have) to do the “humanitarian” thing. The idea is to increase our national debt to the point that it all comes crashing down. Obama will be there to save the day with a Cloward – Piven approved national system of “guaranteed annual income that will bring an end to poverty.”

One World Government – Centralized Power

The Bible (in Rev. 17 & 18) speaks of a coming day-a very dark day, when the

Courtesy of endtimeinfo.com

Courtesy of endtimeinfo.com

earth will be ruled by a One World Government. It will represent Satan’s “finest hour” as he unleashed his power and wrath through the Antichrist and the False Prophet. For such a system of centralized power to be realized, the governments of the world must first be introduced to the idea on a smaller, national scale. Anything resembling democracy, capitalism, and free enterprise must give way to a system where a centralized government controls everything. Usually the transition takes time. Little by little, the government takes control of major segments of the economy. First, a crisis must be manufactured whereby the government comes in to save the day. Once the government has taken control of one segment of society, it will never relinquish it.

Sometimes, the crisis doesn’t have to be manufactured. When one arises, you must never let it go to waste. (This, too, should sound familiar.) The whole idea to ensure that crisis after crisis gives the government more and more opportunities to take more and more control. Eventually, when the entire economy collapses under the weight of its bloated spending, primarily on entitlements and handouts, the masses will revolt. By then, the number of those at the bottom-those collecting the handouts, will be so great that the opposition party will never again win a national election.

When the opposition revolts, the government will declare martial law. By then, the

FEMA Camp Locations

FEMA Camp Locations

populace will have been disarmed through sweeping gun-control laws. Having acquired the support of local police forces as well as the military and a host of Federal Agencies, those who have taken to the streets in protest will be rounded up and taken to the internment camps (more on these camps) (yet more) that had been established for that very purpose. If you’re a Christian, you will be considered an enemy of the state.  These and other measures will allow the government to gain complete control. The stage will be set for the transition into a One World Government.

It’s also True of Islam

A basic tenant shared by socialists, Marxists, communists and progressives isISLAM SILOUETTE 1 centralization of power. This is also true of Islam. The Islamic dream is the reestablishment of the caliphate which will bring worldwide control and authority over all Muslims, and in time, over all non-Muslims as well. Whether the world’s Muslims will recognize the caliphate as recently established in the newly proclaimed “State of Islam” remains to be seen, but the stage has been set for the unprecedented drama of the last days.

Islam and the Last daysIslam and the Last daysIslam and the Last daysThe unifying factor in all five of these ideologies is the belief that individual freedom must give way centralized rule. All five are compatible with a One World Government. TheIslam and the Last days question, of course, is which system will dominate? Or will it be a combination of them all or something else entirely? I deal with these possibilities in my book Islam and the Last Days.

Islam and the Last daysBarack Obama is well on his way to centralizing power in the United States. We should be very concerned because history has shown that once centralization begins and the momentum grows, the more ruthless those in power become in exercising their authority. Each step is always at the expense of liberty. Over time, the populace grows weary of trying as the “American Dream” slips further and further away. They give up looking for meaningful work. Those who opt to receive the government’s “entitlements” quickly find their decision-making power eroded along with their self esteem. Once they wake up, they realize that they are powerless to change their situation.

Where are we Headed?
Is this where we’re headed? Is this where President Obama is taking us? Are we on a fast track to a One World Government? During a recent fundraiser near Seattle, he made his intentions clear. “People are anxious,” he said. “Now, some of that has to do with some big challenges overseas. I am very proud that we have ended one war, and by the end of this year we will have ended both wars that I inherited … Part of people’s concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people.”

First of all, did you notice his comments about ending two wars? How did he endtanks them? It used to be that you ended wars by winning them. Under his leadership, we end wars by walking away from them, conceding defeat. It’s only a matter of time until the enemy fills the void you left and takes over completely rendering all the lives lost in the struggle as meaningless. This is exactly what has happened in Iraq and it will likely happen in Afghanistan. Don’t think for a moment that our President doesn’t know what he is doing. He knows exactly what he is doing. He’s looking at the big picture. He sees world chaos as his ally. It’s part of the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Enabling worldwide chaos also reflects one of the basic tenets of Saul Alinsky. In Alinsky’s mind, you must not paint yourself into a corner by clearly defining your goals and agenda. Obama’s foreign policy couldn’t be less well-defined. You must be “political relativists.” In his mind, the revolutionary’s purpose was to undermine the system and see what happens. The underlying goal was to transfer power from the “haves” to the “have-nots,” but the methods had to remain flexible, constantly changing as the establishment reacts. This applies to both foreign and domestic policies. Just consider how Barack Obama has reacted to his numerous scandals as well as foreign crises and you can see this principle in living color.

Is Obama Really that Evil?
You may be thinking that our President couldn’t possibly be as evil as I am painting him to be. How could he possibly get away with such a sinister plan? If he really wanted to destroy America, he has to know that he could never get away with it. He’s got too many enemies who would never let that happen. Really? Without understanding how Obama and his leftist cronies think, conservatives have become easy prey. Our problem is that we play by the rules and actually have a conscience that guides us. Neither is true of leftists. Conservatives can’t believe that anyone could actually sink as low as things appear. Consequently, we keep giving them the benefit of the doubt. In reality, things are even worse than they appear. Liberals are morally bankrupt and their policies will never bring the results the American people need and want. Yet, they succeeded in electing Barack Obama twice, gaining majorities, and passing radical leftist legislation.

Make no mistake; Barack Obama is a student of history. He has learned thehitlerOBAMA_1 philosophies of all the world’s “revolutionaries” including Hitler, who once said, “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.

Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Goebbels, affirmed: “The principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. … It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion.” Hitler’s regime was founded on the premise that, “We are Socialists, we are enemies of the capitalistic economic system … and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” Goebbels reiterates: “To be a socialist is to submit the I to the thou; socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole.”

You may argue that there is no basis for believing that Obama was directlyobama pathological-liar influenced by the philosophies of Hitler. You may be right but I doubt it. Somehow, at some time, Obama adopted the principle of the big lie. Perhaps it was a natural progression from the central teaching of Saul Alinsky as outlined in his Rules for Radicals- the guide for advancing radical agendas. That central principle is deception. Never let your enemies know what you’re really up to or what you really believe. (This is also a basic tenet of Islam.) Embracing and maintaining the “story” is essential…no matter what. How else do you explain his string of lies which he tenaciously maintains-lies concerning his policies (especially concerning healthcare), the transparency of his administration, the inherent virtue and honesty of the IRS, his religion, etc?

It’s all Part of the Plan     

Bella V. Dodd was a former member of the National Committee of the Communist Party who left the party & became a Catholic. In her autobiography, School of Darkness, she shows us the behind the scenes subversion occurring in the United States. (Click here to read the book online.) She learned what was really going on by infiltrating and becoming involved in the early development of such organizations as the American Federation of Teachers, NEA, AFL, CIO, and other labor organizations.

She reveals the tactics used to attract individuals into supporting the Communist ideology. Here are a few. Remember that when Obama became President, his closest advisors were Communists. His Muslim friends came on the scene a little later. Ask yourself how successful they have been in infusing these beliefs and practices into American society. (You may also want to check out Skousen’s list of communist goals.)

•    Old virtues were ridiculed. One must follow natural impulses to live life to the fullest and not be restrained by rigidity or righteous standards of a moral order.
•    Vices and excesses of mankind would be referred to as diseases and accepted as such.
•    Eliminate prayer and/or any religious expression in schools – separation of church/state.
•    Infiltrate religious institutions replacing them with “social religion” – discredit Bible. (Check out this recent article. http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/07/irs-monitor-sermons-part-settlement-atheists/#hRIfOthdJGsTW4hz.01)
•    Break down cultural standards of morality promoting pornography, obscenity in all media forms.
•    Discredit Founding Fathers as being aristocrats and out of touch with “common man.”
•    Present homosexuality, degeneracy, promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy.
•    Discredit Constitution deeming it inadequate, old-fashion, out of touch with modern needs (a “living” document) – promote new world order.
•    Stress need to raise children away from influence of parents – attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children as too suppressive – basically discredit the family as an institution – “takes a village to raise a child.”
•    Gain control of and obtain positions in art arena – eliminate all good sculpture from parks & buildings – promote ugly, repulsive meaningless forms.
•    Eliminate laws governing obscenity – censorship; violation of free speech and press.
•    Eliminate and vilify House Committee on Un-American Affairs and all laws/procedures that interfere with operation of Communist/Marxist/socialism apparatus and their organizations.
•    Dispense with loyalty oaths and take over one or both political parties in US.
•    Use technical decisions of courts weakening basic American institutions – violation of civil rights.
•    Support socialist movements – education, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
•    Infiltrate all media, labor unions, and big business – obtain key positions to effect policy changes (Check out this recent article. http://godfatherpolitics.com/16413/fast-food-workers-warn-civil-disobedience-dont-get-15-per-hour/)
•    Treat behavioral problems as psychiatric disorder; dominate psychiatric profession to facilitate mental health laws as means to gain coercive control over the opposition
•    Use students to encourage and foster protests against government programs, agencies or organizations that attack or promote investigations into Communist/Marxist/socialist activities.
•    Gain control of schools, teachers and student organizations, textbooks, publications – use to indoctrinate socialist and Marxist ideals- soften curriculum.
•    Disparage all forms of American culture; discourage teaching American history – more emphasis on Russian/Communist/Marxist/socialist history
Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

The last three take us in a new direction as there is now a new “carrier” for these culture-corrupting diseases. Substitute “Muslim” for communist, socialist, or Marxist and you have the current situation in America. In fact, Islam, through the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood, has established a parallel set of goals that are likewise aimed at America’s demise. In the investigations leading up to the infamous Holy Land Foundation trial, investigators uncovered a document in 2004 entitled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America.”

The document was informing the Brotherhood’s “home office” in Cairo of its plans

Courtesy of savingourfuture.com

Courtesy of savingourfuture.com

to destroy America. The Ikhwan [The Muslim Brotherhood’s name for itself] states that its work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”  The primary strategic concept to accomplish the Brotherhood’s objective is “civilizational jihad,” the usurpation and replacement of American Judeo-Christian and Western liberal social, political and religious foundations by Islam.

While the document was published in May of 1991, it was drafted and put into operation four years earlier. This means that by the time of the trial, their strategy had already been operative in America for at least 20 years! (I have obtained a copy of the document, and it is truly frightening.)

Even before drafting and publishing the memorandum, the Muslim Brotherhood had put into writing their general strategies for bringing down the West. Two months after the horror of 9/11, Swiss authorities discovered a very revealing document during a raid. Written back in 1982, it became known in counterterrorism circles as The Project. Here are a few of their strategies:

•    Networking and coordinating actions between likeminded Islamist organizations;
•    Avoiding open alliances with known terrorist organizations and individuals – maintain appearance of “moderation”;
•    Infiltrating and taking over existing Muslim organizations to realign them towards the Muslim Brotherhood’s collective goals;
•    Using deception to mask the intended goals of Islamist actions
•    Avoiding social conflicts with Westerners locally, nationally or globally, that might damage the long-term ability to expand the Islamist powerbase in the West or provoke a lash back against Muslims;
•    Putting into place a watchdog system for monitoring Western … establishment of think-tanks and advocacy groups, and publishing “academic” studies, to legitimize Islamist positions and to chronicle the history of Islamist movements;
•    Building extensive social networks of schools, hospitals and charitable organizations dedicated to Islamist ideals;
•    Involving ideologically committed Muslims in democratically-elected institutions on all levels in the West, including government, NGOs, private organizations and labor unions;
•    Instrumentally using existing Western institutions until they can be converted and put into service of Islam;
•    Drafting Islamic constitutions, laws and policies for eventual implementation;
•    Inflaming violence and keeping Muslims living in the West “in a jihad frame of mind”;
•    Supporting jihad movements across the Muslim world through preaching, propaganda, personnel, funding, and technical and operational support;
•    Making the Palestinian cause a global wedge issue for Muslims;
•    Adopting the total liberation of Palestine from Israel and the creation of an Islamic state as a keystone in the plan for global Islamic domination;
•    Instigating a constant campaign to incite hatred by Muslims against Jews and rejecting any discussions of conciliation or coexistence with them;

Many of these were incorporated into the 1991 Memorandum. The point is that they all have been put in place in America, largely due to the cooperation of the Obama administration, which has established ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (more evidence) (yet more evidence) both here and abroad. Sadly, the news media have done nothing to inform the public of the contents of these documents and the plans of Muslims, Communists, Socialists, and Progressives to bring down America.

The commentators on Fox News are coming close to the truth, but they’re onlyFox News dealing with the tip of the iceberg-the part they can see. They’re ignoring what’s below the surface- the massive formation that can sink a ship. As long as Obama’s critics stay focused on what’s above the water, he’s happy, regardless of how many “phony scandals” he’s embroiled in. Why do you think he seems so unconcerned as things are falling apart around him? Because beneath the waterline things are doing just fine. Remember, his goal is to sink the ship.

Should anyone publicly reveal the unseen truth, he will immediately be discredited and labeled as a loony tunes nut job. No one will believe that anyone could be so cold, calculating, deceptive, and un-American as his accusers will claim. That’s the plan. It’s Cloward-Piven, Alinsky, Hitler and Marx all rolled into one.

“The process by which democracies decline is…subtle… What happens is that they are slowly drained of what makes them democratic, by a process of internal decay and mounting indifference….” – England’s Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption

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I acknowledge Freedom Outpost, World Net Daily, and The Freedom Center for providing information for this article.


How could this Happen to a Christian Nation?

Just think about how ineffective the Church in America has been in resisting theAmerica decline carefully orchestrated plans to destroy the moral foundation of our once great nation. Without belaboring all the statistics, which many of us have seen, just consider how the vast majority of those who identify themselves as Christians have responded to some very clear scriptural mandates. The following list represents the first ten facts that came to mind. These are generalizations based on actual published studies. The list could go on forever:

•    The divorce rate among Christians is no different from the rest of society.
•    Pornography addictions among Christians (including pastors) have reached epidemic proportions.
•    Tithing (giving 10% of the gross income) is practiced by only a few per cent of “Christians.” (According to Crown Financial Services, only 3% of American Christians tithe. 37% give nothing to churches. The average giver gives 2.5% of their net after taxes, but pays 7% in interest to credit card debt.)
•    Less than 1% of “Christians” have ever led anyone to Christ. Far fewer regularly share their faith.
•    Most “Christians” believe in Replacement Theology (the belief that the Church has replaced Israel is the recipient of God’s covenantal promises). They, likewise, have no interest in learning about Israel or the biblical connection between Christianity and its Jewish roots.
•    The vast majority of “Christians” no longer believes in absolute truth.
•    For the vast majority of “Christians,” learning about Islam and the threat it poses to America is not important.
•    Most “Christians,” are unable to defend the Christian faith.
•    Most “Christians” do not read their Bible regularly.
The Christian Response

It’s no wonder the Church in America is in trouble. How can we expect God tofall of roman empire come to our aid when we have drifted so far from Him? Morally, we are on the same course as the Roman Empire just prior to its fall. Religiously, we are on the same course as Israel just before she was taken captive into Babylon. Islam is set to become America’s Babylon. Add to this all that I have presented here that the Obama administration is doing to destroy America and you’ve got quite a picture of gloom and doom.

However, the safest place for Christians to be is directly in the center of God’s willwill of God regardless of what’s happening around us. We must make sure that we are right where God wants us to be and not part of the problem. God has placed us here at this point in time for a reason. He has given us the tremendous responsibility of being salt and light when our nation needs it the most.

It’s time for us to trust in God’s promises to us, but in the knowledge that the grace and mercy we can expect from Him will be in direct proportion to the grace and mercy we show to others. Our marching orders are really quite simple. It’s time for the Church to start acting like the Church instead of the world. It’s time to love as Christ loved while being as wise as serpents. We must understand what going on around us. We have been given the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16). Isn’t it about time we started to use it? I believe that everything that is happening around us was written long ago in the Book of Truth.

Nothing has surprised God, and while He is sovereign, He also has called us to

Courtesy of theleadingedgeblog.com

Courtesy of theleadingedgeblog.com

participate with Him in praying His will into existence just as Daniel did while in captivity in Babylon (Dan. 10). God has given us the wonderful gift of prayer as a partnership so we could implement the plans He has already decided. Regardless of how chaotic things seem around us, God has an important role for us to play. Our job is to understand that role and to fulfill that role utilizing the unlimited resources and power of the Holy Spirit.

Please pass this on. We, as a nation, must become like the sons of Issachar, understanding the times in which we live and knowing what to do. Our nation’s survival depends on our response.