This issue looks at an amazing story from Israel, the Russia-Iran and the Israel-Jordan alliances, the latest regarding ISIS, and more.


News from The Israel Project
Doctors at the country’s northern hospitals are used to middle-of-the-night calls toisraeli doctors treat Syrian come and treat wounded Syrians brought across the border for Israeli medical aid. The 12-year-old Syrian boy who arrived in serious condition over the weekend to the IDF border post was the first to make the trek by donkey from Damascus. The boy told doctors that he sustained serious injuries – to his arms, one of his legs, and loss of vision in his eyes – when a mortar shell exploded near his home in the outskirts of Syria’s capital city. The boy told Israeli doctors that his family had initially taken him to a hospital in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon where doctors amputated his right hand. He was discharged after being administered first aid to his other injuries but said the route home to Syria was blocked by civil fighting. He told doctors that his brother had the idea to seat him on the back of a donkey and cross the Syrian side of Mount Hermon to the Israeli border. IDF soldiers transferred the boy to the Ziv Medical Center. “The boy is conscious, he’s still in shock, but he’s communicating with us and understands what happened. His journey here was not an easy one,” said Prof. Alexander Lerner, head of the orthopedic department at the Safed medical center. Prof. Lerner said the boy will need to undergo a series of operations. He said the Israeli medical team is working to save the boy’s other limbs from amputation and “get them to function as much as possible.”

The New York Times over the weekend published a frontpage expose on the regional cascade effects being generated by Qatari support for a range of Middle East Islamist groups, cataloging measures that Doha has taken to boost among others the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and the Islamic State.

Agence France-Presse (AFP)  reported Wednesday that Russia and Iran haveIran russia agreement successfully laid the groundwork for what the outlet described as a “strategic partnership aimed at vastly expanding trade and investment,” with analysts describing the maneuver as a way for the Iranians to dodge Western sanctions pressure.

News from The Jerusalem Prayer Team
Last week a report by Israel’s Channel 10 showed thousands of Arabs, some of themwestern wall members of the Tahrir Party (said to be a Palestinian offshoot of the Islamic State) gathering on the Temple Mount. There, speakers worked the crowd into a frenzy by promoting the “liberation” of Jerusalem and denouncing its Jewish inhabitants. It was there, too, that several ISIS flags made an appearance… These fighters have already taken over parts of Iraq and Syria and now have Jordan and Israel in their sights. There have also been claims that some ISIS members were involved in the recent Israel/Gaza conflict.

map Levont basinIsrael Signs $15 Billion Gas Deal with Jordan  
CFI-IND reports: Despite what we all hear, the news coming from the Middle East is not all bad. According to a Times of Israel article written by Marissa Newman, on September 3 Israel signed a memorandum of understanding with Jordan under which it will supply the Hashemite Kingdom with $15 billion worth of natural gas from Israel’s Leviathan energy field over the next 15 years. Israel has a peace treaty with Jordan as well as a security treaty under which Israel will protect Jordan in case the kingdom is attacked from without. With ISIS hovering on Jordan’s eastern border, it looks like that treaty might be tested soon. In the meantime, the friendship between Jordan and Israel can only be enhanced if Israel helps Jordan with its energy problems.


Support for Christians Facing Islamic Extremismrefugees from ISIS reports: An estimated 100,000 Christians have been displaced in Iraq in the last few months alone. Others have fled to surrounding nations. Your contributions will be used to provide emergency care for Iraqi, Syrian and other Christians who have faced brutal assaults by Islamic extremists. Your contributions help provide medical care, temporary shelter, food, clothing, blankets, clean drinking water and other needs. Help them.

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 U.S. Muslims ask Obama to Block Counter-Terror Training

John Kerry Explains the Bible is Pro-Muslim and Against Global Warming reports: On Wednesday, John Kerry basically said that ScriptureKerry Muslim commands us to protect Muslims from Climate Change. At a ceremony to appoint Shaarik Zafar to be special representative to Muslim communities, the Secretary of State said that it was our Biblical responsibility as Christians (Jews and Muslims as well) to “confront climate change.” Moreover, because Muslim countries are some of the poorest, it is also our duty to protect them from climate change. Read more.

A Must See Message from a Former Muslim to President Obama  
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Chilling video

Texas Ranchers: Terrorists Reportedly Caught at Border; Feds Clam upBorder texas reports: With 9/11 coming up [now past] and Fort Bliss, the Army post outside of El Paso, having implemented additional security measures following reports that  ISIS is across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, it is increasingly peculiar that federal agencies don’t want to talk about this. Read more.

[Video] Obama Regime Threatening Benghazi Whistle-Blowers


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