This mid-week edition examines reasons why I believe the establishment of a Palestinian state would be disastrous for Israel.

The list of reasons why the proposed Two-State “solution” would be disastrous for Israel is lengthy, buy I would like to touch on two that I see as especially significant. The first involves the geography of Israel. In essence, the proposed Palestinian state would occupy the West Bank, comprising much of biblical Judea and Samaria. Aside from the rich biblical significance of these two regions is the fact that much of this territory is mountainous. That may not seem like such a big deal until you consider the military advantage this offers if your intention is to pummel your neighbor with rocket attacks. Consider what happened to the residents at the base of the Golan Heights (northeast Israel

adjacent to Syria) during the period between Israel”s War of Independence and the “67 War. For 19 years, residents in the region endured constant rocket attacks. Some spent much of their lives living in underground bunkers.

This shelling was possible because Israel had not taken the strategic “hillside” in 1948. Had Israel not taken this area in the “67 War, she would have endured many more attacks in the past 40 years. Giving the Palestinians full control of the West Bank would be just as suicidal as giving the Golan Heights back to Syria.
The other reason why a Palestinian state would be disastrous is much more theological. In Joel Chapter 3, God warns of the serious consequences of dividing up HIS land. Many supporters of Israel rightly claim that the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Euphrates River was promised by God to Israel. (Her disobedience has prevented her from taking possession of it.) The book of Joel, however, reminds us that it”s God”s land. Of all the earth, the region allocated for Israel was the real estate He chose as His own-the place where He would make Himself known to an unbelieving world in a unique way. Without getting into the ramification of this, suffice it to say that any nation that participates in dividing up His land does so at great risk. This includes Israel, should she agree to a Two-State solution.

While Israel is keenly aware of the geographic consequences I outlined, she seems largely oblivious to the theological. The first, however, should be sufficient to rule out any possibility of Israel”s agreeing to anything so foolhardy. Yet, the possibility is still officially on the table. I hope this is just “talk” on the part of the Israelis, as the Palestinian discussions of peace are just “talk.” Some of my contacts in Israel believe this is exactly the case. Had Israel officially ruled out the possibility of a Palestinian state, she would have already been tried and convicted in the court of worldwide public opinion. Holding out the possibility gives the Palestinians more time to show their true colors, allowing Israel to drag its feet. I hope this is exactly what”s happening. Surely, Israel”s leaders have learned something from history.

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