This issue looks at trouble on the Temple Mount, the deteriorating Obama-Netanyahu relationship, increasing government infringement, and more.

Two Decades after Making Peace with Israel, Jordan Finds Little to CelebrateIsrael Jordan peace reports: “20 years of ‘despised peace’ with Israel,” read the top headline of independent daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm Sunday, quoting Jordan’s minister of parliamentary affairs Khaled Kalaldeh asserting that “contact with Israel doesn’t mean love.”  Read more.

ChayaACTION: The three-month old baby killed in her stroller by a Hamas terrorist in a car was an American citizen.Tell Washington: Get Tough on Hamas. Demand justice for Chaya, the American baby murdered by Hamas. Sign the petition.

Suspected Shooter of Temple Mount Activist Killed in GunfightTemple mount shooting reports: The suspected shooter in Wednesday’s assassination attempt on a Temple Mount activist in Jerusalem was killed in the mixed Jewish-Arab Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Tor early Thursday morning following a shootout with police. Read more.

News from The Israel Project
The Fatah faction of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has called on Palestinians to stage a “day of rage” in Jerusalem on Friday, a move that observers fear may trigger mass unrest in the Jewish state’s capital, after a Wednesday assassination attempt on prominent Jewish activist Yehuda Glick caused a spike in tensions.

Egypt on Tuesday announced that it would create a 500 meter buffer zone along the border between the country’s Sinai

Buffer Zone

Buffer Zone

Peninsula and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, a few days after coordinated attacks on Egyptian positions in the territory killed at least 33 soldiers. Residents in the area were ordered out of their homes, and the structures inside the new zone are to be demolished as part of what the Associated Press described as “a buffer zone to stop weapons and militant trafficking between Egypt and the Palestinian territory.”

Obama and Netanyahu: A Fractured Alliance Becomes Open Conflict reports: Previously, despite fundamental policy differences, there was a clear sense of shared purpose between the two. Now that is collapsing, and the implications are far worse for Israel than for the US. Read more.


Eric Holder Justice Department Attacks 4th Amendment in New Way4th-amendment reports: Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (so-called) is now arguing in court, that the government can secretly vandalize your property, pretend to be repairmen, and then use their access to your property-which they gained through a criminal destruction of property and deception-to search your “persons, houses, papers, and effects.” And all of this is warrantless. Read more.

Breaking Obama Birth Certificate Update: New Evidence That Loretta Fuddy’s Death Was Foul Play?

Loretta Fuddy

Loretta Fuddy

This story may break hard. The Maui, Hawaii Police Department has confirmed that Loretta Fuddy, a woman with intimate inside knowledge of Barack Obama’s alleged birth certificate, died by drowning and not “cardiac arrhythmia” as was initially reported; and now, even more people are starting to smell a cover-up. Read more.

Zale Thompson: Hatchet Jihadist Rantings Same as in US Mosques, HAMAS CAIR; Not Mental Illness, Just Islam
axe manDebbie Schlussel reports: You can write the script about the reaction to Muslim Zale Thompson’s hatchet jihad against New York police. The media is telling us he was deranged, mentally ill, and that his anti-American posts online were “rantings.” But his “mentally ill rantings” are the same as you hear at most American mosques, the same comments Muslim imams make publicly in op-ed pieces, the same as those made by officials of HAMAS CAIR-the largest Muslim organization in America. THIS. IS. ISLAM. Read more.

Muslim Leader Says “Entire Earth” will be “Subordinate” to Caliphatemap Columbus routes reports: The world has been fighting a war with Islam for more than a thousand years. Many school children are not taught that one of the reasons Christopher Columbus wanted to find a water route to the East was because the land routes were controlled by Islamists. Read more.

Yazidi Woman Makes Chilling Phone Call after being made a Sex Slave by ISIS: Please Bomb Us reports: We told you about Christian Marines who have been aiding in the care of the wounded and training members of the Peshmerga (Kurdish fighters) last week. Many of the Yazidi women have been captured by ISIS and have been forced to be sex slaves. However, what is happening to them is more than mere sex, it’s brutality. In fact, it’s so bad for these women, that some are committing suicide rather than hold out for hope of being rescued. Read more.

Radio Ministry in Ghana Emits Power in WeaknessGhana ministry reports: Members of a ministry based in Ghana are fighting more than poverty, illiteracy and illness. A spiritual battle against discouragement rose to a new level when evangelistic success brought threats of persecution. Read more.

The NSA Scandal May Have Just Gotten Even WorseNSA logo reports: The National Security Agency might not have only collected personal information belonging to millions of Americans. It may very well have shared it too – with at least one foreign government. A report released yesterday by the U.K.-based human rights organization Liberty reveals Britain’s intelligence agencies can access information which the NSA has already collected whenever and wherever it wants – and without a warrant. Read more.

Could non-citizens decide the November election?

Shocking Video – Black Chicago Activists Voting Democrat is Black on Black Crime! (MUST WATCH & CIRCULATE)

Maryland, Illinois Voting Machines May be Rigged for Democrats

Sign Petition to Stop Voter Fraud on Tuesday

Government is Literally Stealing From the American People!Money

USA Today Runs Op-Ed on Beware the Christian Extremists

Why Obama Uses theTerm ISIL (A Great Article)




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