We should pay close attention to what’s happening to our currency.
When the Antichrist comes on the scene, his “rule” will involve a One World Religion and a One World Government. One of the

Courtesy of Thejerusalemconnection.us

Courtesy of Thejerusalemconnection.us

essential elements of this centralized control will be a One World Currency. It’s the only way Big Brother will be able to monitor everyone’s transactions and purchases, which will be essential to maintain total control. He will demand that everyone receive a special “mark” in order to buy or sell. This” Mark of the Beast,” as the Bible calls it, is interpreted to mean and actual mark, tattoo, a branding, an engraving, or an implanted chip. Some have even suggested that the mark is, in fact, the arm badges and headbands Muslims wear-items containing Islamic mottos, creeds, and symbol that match the Scripture’s descriptions.

BitcoinWhatever the mark is, control over buying and selling will require a single currency. For years, we have been hearing talk (from UN bureaucrats and an assortment of financial advisers who distrust banks) of moving to a more “uniform” currency for world economic stabilization. Some of the existing currencies have been suggested, but a relative newcomer has drawn unprecedented attention. Online shopping and banking have evolved into what some call the logical transition to a digital (and global) currency. The Bitcoin eliminates physical currency and allows you (and your computer, tablet, or smartphone) to be the bank. This cashless and unregulated currency can be acquired through an exchange of products (with participating merchants), services, or other currencies. Although the currency currently offers anonymous transactions, gaining control wouldn’t be all that difficult. By then, the entire Internet will have come under the control of the Antichrist

If you’re thinking that this bizarre idea will never catch on, think again. Major corporations are drawn to the less than 1 percent service fee compared to 2 to 3 percent fee charged by credit card companies. Some believe the Bitcoin will become the currency of choice in the future and want to get in on the ground floor. Some online megastores like Overstock.com already accept Bitcoin payments. Bitpay, a Bitcoin processing center based in Atlanta boasts over 15,000 merchants spread throughout 200 countries.

My point is that a lot of people these days can’t wait to embrace the latest technology. In their quest to stay on technology’ssmartphone cutting edge, they often fail to consider the ramifications of the latest product, especially its vulnerability to be used as a future tool for enslavement. Take the flashlight feature of many of today’s smartphones. The aps come from China and include software allowing access to all the data on your phone. In fact, any of your data that is being stored somewhere “out there” is open to being hacked by whoever is controlling the data center.

future currencyIt’s impossible to know for certain what form the ultimate One World Currency will take, but the fact that we are getting closer and closer to some such system should cause us to be very careful in our choices of products, especially those that can be used to outsmart us in the end.



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