This issue looks at ISIS, amnesty, a startling Muslim confession, Jordan’s battle for survival, and more.

The Anti-Semitism We Never Talk Aboutmood behind dome US reports: When a large number of foreign-policy experts-both Republicans and Democrats-falsely attribute many of the world’s ills to the Jewish state, they are channeling an ancient hatred. The time has come to say so. Read more.

Burning a synagogue is not anti-Semitism, according to German courtJew arab
Mike Evans reports: A German court has ruled that two Palestinian men who threw Molotov cocktails at the Wuppertal synagogue last year are not guilty of anti-Semitism. The two were reportedly upset over Israel’s fighting to destroy the terrorist tunnels Hamas had created in Gaza, and the court ruled that they were acting to “draw attention to the Gaza conflict” and were not motivated by anti-Semitism. The two were given suspended sentences!

EU officials confirm Israel not fully briefed on Iran talks
Obama Netanyahu - reports: European officials have confirmed that the US State Department cautioned them against providing Israel with sensitive information on the current round of negotiations with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program. The account came amid vehement denials by the White House and State Department that they had stopped updating Jerusalem on the progress in the talks, even though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted Monday that Israel was indeed being kept in the dark. Read more.

Iran revolutionary guard

Iran revolutionary guard

News from the Israel Project
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has initiated a vast public relations campaign both domestically and across the Middle East to promote Iran’s expansion, experts warned in a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing Wednesday. The IRGC is a highly ideological, powerful branch of Iran’s military, created with the intent of “guarding the Revolution and its achievements.”

News reports have revealed a secret Iranian unit that transfers arms to terrorists and sectarian militias, highlighting Iran’s role in fomenting terror and sectarian violence across the Middle East.

VIDEO: Iran’s supreme leader vows to destroy Israel as thousands cheer


prisonerOn Recent Visit to Saeed Abedini in Prison, “The Presence of the Lord Was So Strong, The Guards Did Not Want to Intervene!” reports: “The normal 20 minute visit turned into 40 minutes which turned into an hour which turned into a few hours! Saeed and his father were shocked the amount of time that they were allowed… Keep praying!” -Naghmeh Abedini  Read more.

Muslim Tells the Truth About Why Islam is a Failure and the West is Best


al-Qaradawi reports: Finally, some truth about Islam from an Islamist. The following are excerpts from a sermon that Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi gave on Qatar TV a few years ago. Before you read what he had to say (or watch the video), keep in mind that the way our nation is going, we could be headed in the same direction considering the rise of the welfare state. Read more.

Not Again! ISIS Burn 45 People to DEATH in Iraq reports: The BBC is reporting that another ISIS atrocity has taken place in western Iraq. In the city of al-Baghdadi, ISIS captured and burned 45 people to death in yet another display of their depravity. ISIS terrorists captured the city just last week and apparently wasted no time in showing the locals the vicious evil that they are known for. Read more.

King Abdullah

King Abdullah

Is Jordan next? King Abdullah knows he is in a winner-take-all war with ISIS. Does Washington?
Joel Rosenberg reports: ISIS jihadists in Syria and Iraq have publicly threatened to invade Jordan
and “slaughter” Abdullah, whom they denounce as a “tyrant.” Extremists inside Jordan took to the streets last summer shouting, “Down, down with Abdullah!” The latest ISIS propaganda video attacks the king as an “ally of the crusaders” … Today, an estimated 2,000 Jordanian nationals are fighting with ISIS. What happens when they come back to Jordan? Read more.

BREAKING: THIS STATE Just Delivered a CRUSHING BLOW to Obama’s Amnesty

Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott

Agenda reports: Just as Americans brace for another year of President Obama’s illegal amnesty agenda, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced late Monday night that a federal judge has “granted” his request to “halt” his executive order in every state! This is huge! Read more.

Preaching in Taliban territory. Passing out Bibles under ISIS’ nose. Sharing Jesus one on one in Saudi Arabia.  
You and I can’t go there, but they can. Throughout nations hostile to the gospel, God has raised up men and women willing to share His name despite the risks involved. Today, The Voice of the Martyrs invites you to “adopt” one of these front-line workers and commit to pray for him or her for one year. Adopt.

In NJ, Second Amendment Doesn’t Even Cover a Musket!gun flintlock

Judge threatens to take Christian grandmother’s business, home and savings for opposing gay marriage

ISIS Leader in Mass Beheadings of Christians May Be American

Iraq Envoy to UN: Islamic State Might be Harvesting Organs

C.I.A. Bought and Destroyed Iraqi Chemical Weapons


Actual Newspaper Article Title:
Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
(That’s one alternative to a fair trial.)