This issue looks at Hillary’s increasing problems, more attacks on the American flag, Holder’s own email problems, and more.


Hillary Clinton Leaked Intel to Hurt Israeli War Plans, Says Watchdog AttorneyHillary CC reports: The media feeding frenzy over the alleged unlawful use by Hillary Clinton of a non-government email system is having an impact on other allegations against the presidential wannabe. Perhaps more troubling than the email scandal, there are allegations that Hillary Clinton leaked information on Israeli war plans to her leftist friends at the New York Times. Read more.

Soldiers with Autism Give Army Rare View into Iintel, and Disorder (The video is amazing) reports: The IDF’s Unit 9900, faced with the Sisyphean task of deciphering satellite images, has begun employing volunteer soldiers on the autism spectrum who have proven adept at decoding the pictures. For the two ex-Mossad agents who started the program, it’s a ‘win-win’ situation. Read more.

WATCH: What happens when a Christian walks through an Israeli city

News from The Israel Project
The Times of Israel reports: An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday says that 71% of Americans believe that a nuclear deal with Iran will not make a real difference in preventing it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.missiles Iran cruise

In a development significant both for its timing and its content, Iran unveiled on Sunday a new cruise missile that it claimed would extend the Islamic Republic’s range by 25 percent, placing locales as distant as Budapest, Warsaw, and Athens within striking distance. The Iranian revelation, complete with videos of a missile launch, come amid Tehran’s negotiations with the six world powers over its nuclear program and infrastructure.

At least five people were injured today [last Saturday] in Jerusalem when a car plowed into a group of pedestrians in an apparent terror attack. A Palestinian man in a private vehicle hit the five, who included a bicycle rider and a pedestrian, as they stood on a sidewalk. According to initial reports, the man then emerged from the vehicle with a butcher’s knife and attempted to stab passersby, but was swiftly shot and incapacitated by a Border Policeman and a Light Rail security guard at the scene.

Netanyahu approval in US drops after Congress speech

Muslim Miami airportJihad @ Miami Airport: Muslim Woman Did WHAT?! – Your Day in “Religion of Peace” “Peacefulness”  
Debbie Schlussel reports: So, a Muslim chick rams her car into a police car, while trying to ram it into the Miami airport, threatens that she has a bomb, and shouts in Arabic while doing it. But it’s “not terrorism,” they tell us. Read more.

University Kills Free Speech to Protect Inclusiveness – Bans American Flags! reports: Colleges are supposed to be the place where young minds are molded, new ideas are entertained and skills and knowledge expanded. Sadly, instead, our places of higher learning have become havens of faux-intellectualism and cradles for ignorance. Read more.American flags

Sheriff Ordered To Remove American Flag From Courthouse reports: Political correctness run amuck. Liberals aren’t proud of their country and do not want to display patriotism.  A sheriff in Virginia is angered after being ordered to remove an American flag display from his local courthouse, in a move he is labeling “a slap in the face.” Read more.

The Judge Who Ruled Against Amnesty Just Made a HUGE MOVE Against Barack Obama! reports: It wasn’t long ago that Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas blocked President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders to grant amnesty to 5 million illegals. Now, he is making a move that is sure to make Obama’s White House lawyers nervous. Read more.

Eric Holder, Others in Obama WH Used Fake Names on Official Emails reports: Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder has maintained several government email accounts under aliases, according to Politico. Holder used a number of pseudonyms, including Henry Yearwood (a combination of family names) and David Kendricks (from two members of The Temptations), according to  The Huffington Post. Since all were nonetheless official accounts, they are retained on government servers. Read more.

Americans Stand Up – ATF Stands Down on Unconstitutional Ammo Banslaves

Obama: We are The Slaves Who Built The White House

Navy Threatens to End Career of Decorated Chaplain Who Served Navy Seals


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