This mid-week edition looks at the disastrous effects of Socialist policies in Europe.


Socialism and the Islamization of Europe
By now, we should be aware that because of Muslim immigration and high birth rates among Muslims, Europe is on its way to becoming one huge Islamic state. But immigration and births tell only part of the story. Socialism was actually responsible for bringing about the initial influx of young Muslims. After World War II, many European countries, such as Belgium and Holland, became essentially social welfare states. Population control efforts were successful in limiting family size to one or two children. As the population grew older, Europe’s Socialist leaders realized that they didn’t have enough workers to pay the taxes to support the welfare state. Their solution was to import large numbers of young Muslims to reinforce the work force. Thirty years later, these Muslims became a majority among young people. Today, more than 50% of the young people under the age of 18 in Belgium and Holland are Muslims. Austria did the same thing. It is now 25% Muslim. Unless something changes, it will be a Muslim nation in thirty years. Albania, Bosnia, and Kosovo are now Muslim nations (Bosnia and Kosovo can thank Bill Clinton). Greece brought in 500,000 Albanian Muslims (5% of the population). One hundred thousand Turks were already there. In thirty years, Greece will be a Muslim nation.


Europe it finally waking up to

the disastrous results of many of the post-war Socialist policies. One by one, Europe’s Socialist nations are reaping the harvest of bad decisions. Yet, they cling to their ideology as if it will miraculously save them, proving that their hope had been well placed. When the focus is on the redistribution of wealth with control going to those in power, the true motives of those in power will determine the fate of the country. I defy anyone to show me one thing that Socialism has done that has truly brought lasting benefits to the people. America’s experiment in democracy has been the envy of the world. It has been strong because it was established as a democratic republic based on the rule of law-the unchanging “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” as our Declaration of Independence states. If America is to avoid falling in Europe’s footsteps, it must return to the principles that made it great. It must once again be a nation that proudly asserts, “In God We Trust.” Only God rules with true justice. Only God’s program of “wealth distribution” will bring prosperity and security to a nation.


What do you call a boomerang that doesn”t work? A stick.

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