Of all the nations on earth, why us?


Clearly, America is a prime target for Islamic extremists (Muslims who take their religion seriously), butflag us Islam why? What did we ever do to them? We’re not the ones beheading people and terrorizing the world. We must remember that from infancy, they are taught to hate us, for the following reasons:


  • We support Israel, the nation and people most responsible for all the chaos in the world.
  • Jews and Christians are considered to be “people of the book” who are pigs and apes and destined for hell. Since America is a Christian nation, this applies to us, too (Qur’an 5:16, 17, 16, 59, 68, 77).
  • America is seen as a reflection of a Hollywood lifestyle incorporating all the immorality seen in movies and the tabloids: homosexuality, drugs and alcohol, premarital sex, provocative attire, decadent music, etc.
  • America represents the free world where views can be expressed openly. As a nation formed of the people, by the people, and for the people, it is an infidel nation. Only Allah is the true head of government, and the Qur’an is the one true guide.
  • Since they see America as the largest missionary sending nation, we become a threat. Islamic law should rule the world, not Christianity.
  • America is seen as the helping hand that is supporting Arab governments in eradicating Muslim fundamentalists, while supporting Israel in its fight against Arab extremists. America, therefore, has become the center of attention as the true enemy of Islam and Allah.



Since the promotion and defense of Islam is based on deception, it’s not surprising that Muslims,Islam deception themselves, are deceived in their own education. They are a perfect example of telling a lie long and often enough and you actually believe it to be true. If you want to know what is true, discover what Muslims believe, and then embrace the opposite. flag Israel XTake the claim that Israel is the cause of most of the violence in the world. Actually, it’s the hatred of Israel that is the real cause. When evaluating the positive contributions to society in general, tiny Israel puts every Muslim nation to shame. In scientific advances and contributions per capita, Israel leads the entire world. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Israel is always among the first responders. Muslim nations are nowhere to be seen.

When considering the “allure” of Islam, it all comes down to nothing but empty promises—promises that Allah may or may not honor since you never know if you’ve done enough. Yet, when you’re taught that all non-Muslims are apes, pigs, and infidels worthy only of death, you feel pretty good about yourself and you’ll do whatever you can to eliminate all the filth in the world—which happens to be us. Of course, there’s more to it than this, but the six points above sum up the major reasons why, as long as there are Muslims, America will be a target.



War doesn’t determine who is right, only who is left.