New book answers questions many people are asking.


I have devoted the last fifteen years of my life to researching and writing about some key relationshipsForetoldCoverSM compressed that have significantly impacted my life and captured my attention. Recent world events have confirmed the significance of these relationships and the necessity of understanding them if America is to survive as a nation. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you know that these relationships are those that exist between America and Israel, and between America and Islam. I have written books that deal with each of these (The Israeli Connection and Islam and the Last Days), but my latest book, Foretold, specifically addresses questions many people are asking today:


What is happening to our nation?

What’s happening in our world? Is it falling apart?

Are we approaching the last days on earth?

How do we explain the unprecedented hatred and chaos that surrounds us?

Does the Bible explain what we’re experiencing and where we’re headed?


I co-authored Foretold with Dr. Fred Holtzman, a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ who was led to Christ by Hal Lindsay. (Some of you older Christians will recognize that name.) Together, we have produced a very unique book that sheds light on what’s really going on behind the scenes in our world, provides evidence regarding where it’s all headed, but most importantly, offers hope and concrete suggestions as to how we can thrive, even when things get really bad…and they will.

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